Spectacular Driveclub Videos Shows Weather and Photo Mode in Action on PS4: Sun to Rain Transition

Driveclub hasn’t even been released yet, but there are two elements that the fans are eagerly waiting, and that will get added into the game with a post-launch patch: weather and photo mode.

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Daz1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

duelshockers again ;p Anyway cool videos

nX1262d ago

I really wanted to comment "Again...?"
But then I watched the videos, and holy crap does that look awesome. This will be my only racing game until GT7 drops :)

SniperControl1262d ago

A little off topic, but is anybody else experiencing flickering when playing vids from youtube?
It only happens with new youtube vids, the old ones play ok.
Cant watch any of the above vids due to flickering.
I have not been able to watch any of the Driveclub stuff posted lately.

otherZinc1261d ago

Exactly, DualShockers.

Where's Drive Club Reviews?

So, is weather coming day 1, with Drive Club: No.

There'll be 1 track with Weather as DLC, releasing "later".

Where's the AI cars in these 2 videos?

Ghost car emerges again, slamming into an invisible wall & losing no speed, whatever...

FernGully1261d ago

Hey Otherzinc, still trolling DriveClub boards and not playing games aye mate? Why not talk about those Fifa 15 sales. How did all that marketing and bundling in fair. What about the upcoming NPDs. are you scared mate! Is it that time of the month again? Why not tell us all how many cars, tracks, day and night cycles Forza 5 released with mate. LOL! You assumed evryone forgot that, didnt you. Tell us how you truly believe the XBOXONE has no flaws. You do know youve never mentioned one. Never. Ever! Mention to all us here how you believe the XBOXONE is more powerful then all else and is without error. You do know your secret identity was revealed through your comment history mate. We remember you years ago when the bloody Halo 3rd person shootah came out (Brute Force) we saw you, you were the Booth Babe mate! Dont lie! You had on a Cherry red top and combat boots! Sexy as f___! Maybe if they win the NPDs this month you'll get another one of those aye mate?! Good day. HAHAHAAAAH!

kassler1262d ago

I'm not a huge fan of racing-games, but this looks so good, with the weather and all. Gonna get the PS+ version.

aceitman1262d ago

there was 7 people who said they where only going to get ps plus dc but once they played the beta preordered the full game. one guy said he cant get enough of the beta if he only gets the plus addition he will rob himself blind. lol.

system221261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I own a copy of the full retail version. I'd say play the ps+ version before committing. Plus I think you get a discount after that if you choose to upgrade (not completely sure)

mp12891262d ago

Even if its a limited edition, its still going to be the best ps plus game ever imo

DarkOcelet1262d ago

Spectacular , Amazing , Stunning , Beautiful , 1080 Full HD .. Did i miss something :D , keep up the good work Abriael :) .

imt5581262d ago

Weather patch coming sooner than Evolution said?

MysticStrummer1262d ago

According to a streamer I watched yesterday it will be sooner. We'll see.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1262d ago

I think the main guy that linked these videos stated that the patch was not going to be a "1 week post launch" patch, but would come pre-christmas.

So if he's right, I'd say late-October early-November maybe? We'll see.

Knushwood Butt1262d ago

Love that plastic bag that is floating around near the start of the event. Great attention to detail.

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