NCAA Football 09 Demo - New Screens

Worthplaying: "NCAA Football 09 on PS2 will feature authentic collegiate animations, an all-new Mascot Challenge and bring to life the atmosphere, pageantry and tradition of college football. The PlayStation Portable version will include arcade-influenced gameplay that throws you into the action faster than ever and brings out the fun and excitement of Big Play Saturdays. Both the PS2 and PSP versions of NCAA Football 09 will feature EA SPORTS Family Play, a fun and accessible game mode that has simplified game controls, playcalling system and playbooks.

NCAA Football 09 showcases everything that makes college football exciting and unique," said Executive Producer Jeremy Strauser. "From enhanced gameplay and presentation to our online Dynasty Mode offering - the only franchise mode online for EA SPORTS, we feel that this will be a standout product accurately reflecting the college football experience and also captures the true emotion of football on Saturdays."

College football has never before felt more wide open than in NCAA Football 09. Gamers will experience the excitement of making big plays on the field, as they will have the ability to directly control and influence the game through the all-new break away animation engine. With huge cut-back lanes, new tackling animations and wider blocking holes, NCAA Football 09 offers a host of offensive opportunities."

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BigKev453831d ago

Played the demo on PS3, it sucked.

crazy250003831d ago

I was going to play this when I get home from work. Was looking forward to it

marinelife93831d ago

Yeah the demo was pretty bad. The same visuals and gameplay that you've seen the past four years or so.