Mortal Kombat X Hands-on Preview [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar of Capsule Computers writes:

"To all my Mortal Kombat brethren, I must apologise. You see, ever since Mortal Kombat X was revealed, we MK fanatics have been scrounging around for any information on the tightly-sealed story of the tenth entry in the iconic fighting franchise, and our best shot at gleaning any details of said story is through the introductory dialogue between fighters as they square up and ready to come to blows. Unfortunately, the conditions – particularly the noise level – of the EB Games Expo 2014, prevented me from making out any full lines of dialogue. Although I did catch tidbits and can give you all some paraphrased quotes at the end of this article."

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ZacE1381d ago

The intro dialogue included at the bottom of this article is very intriguing as it relates to relationships and potential story beats in MKX!

TheLordOfStuff1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

My body is ready... But seriously, I'm really excited for this game, I'm really curious to see all the new characters, and it's probably the first modern MK to release in Australia uncensored (I assume it will get through unscathed in the R18 category)

ZacE1381d ago

Me too man. They had R18+ warnings around the booth of course, but yeah I am really hoping we don't shafted because even with the new rating, there've still been some bans, which is utter B.S.

TheLordOfStuff1381d ago

Yeah the new rules are good compared to that ancient system we had before but personally I still think the problem is the ratings board (can't remember what they are actually called) are to "hands on" with the review process, i think it needs to be more autonomous like in the US, letting the developer/publisher handle the rating and content warnings, they could just have it so if companies don't rate it correctly they get fined or something.

CorruptBoyd1381d ago

can't wait to get some competitive matchs in this beast. Hopefully they include frame data as they did in injustice for competitive players. Also does anyone know if this game will include transitions? probably not huh?