Sonic Boom Wii U and 3DS Impressions from EB Games Expo 2014 [Capsule Computers]

I spent a decent amount of time with both Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for the Wii U and Sonic Boom: Crystal Shards for the 3DS at EB Games Expo 2014 and am sharing my opinions on both games which were surprisingly very different in terms of content and quality.

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namEuser1409d ago

Framerate could be fixed, and I find it hard to believe that the final game will look bad. I'm just going to wait for the final game before in make any decisions about it :) thanks for the headsup article though :)

nato251409d ago

No problem, appreciate the read and comment :)

AKR1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Having been a longtime Sonic fan and happy owner of the Wii U; Rise of Lyric has seemed more and more depressing every time I saw it. Honestly, the first trailer for the game was downright epic, but every bit of gameplay I've seen after that is like: "What?"

This really seems like it's gonna be Sonic 06s' even uglier brother...If that's possible.

Metallox1409d ago

No... Ryse of Lyric will be playable in contrast with S2006, the problem with the new game, I think, it's in the graphics. They lack of enough detail, like Mario games usually have and even Lost World had, Rise of Lyric's world seems empty, dead.

Also, look at those colors, they look bland and boring, the Cry Engine 3 wasn't build for platformers of this kind. Every time I see some gameplay, I think the game lacks of brightness, something very important in many Sonic games.

So in conclusion, and at least for me, the game just doesn't look appealing to the eye. It may be fun, but those aesthetics don't do any favor to it.

AKR1409d ago

I find it strange they didn't use the Hedgehog Engine from jump-street. It's been working quite fine from since Unleashed, and Generations really showed it off.

CRYENGINE is good for realistic games; but not fantasy-style like this. I agree with you.

DrRobotnik1409d ago

Why don't they just make Sonic Generations 2?

AKR1409d ago

Because it wouldn't be right...Generations was an anniversary title; a celebration of Sonic's history up until 2011. Something along the lines of Unleashed 2, Colors 2 or Lost World 2 would make much more sense.

MSBAUSTX1408d ago

I would buy unleashed 2 or colors 2.