XboxMAD EGX 2014: Hooksan talks Tolkien with Monolith, devs of Shadow of Mordor

In the wake of the tragically over-hyped, over-budget Destiny, Monolith's humbler Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is making waves. Featuring procedurally generated orcs and enriching connections between player and npc, Shadow of Mordor puts a unique spin on a familiar formula, and has won over fans and critics alike.

Ahead of our own full review, check out this interview conducted by our own Hooksan (@Hooksan) with Monolith developer Bob Roberts, who is tasked with the burden of proving that games based on established franchises needn't suck.

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MrCherry1411d ago

Love this game, wish for sommore in depth side missions or other weapons to unlock. In a nutshell make this game, (not 100%) but like skyrim and with ALL the other books from Tolkien, thiy have thim self a kick ass RPG game.