PC Requirements for The Evil Within

Last week, Bethesda Softworks published the PC specs required to play The Evil Within “as the developer intended.” Of those requirements is a video card that surprised some gamers – a GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent with 4 GB of VRAM. Gamers with less than the recommended hardware will not be “guarantee[ed] optimal performance,” according to the Bethesda Blog.

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ONESHOTV21233d ago

not bad my GT70 is ok then

ATi_Elite1233d ago

Just a horrible port as you are able to flood the Xb1 and ps4 full of textures because of the unified setup of those consoles which works well for a do one thing machine thus allowing you to use most of the 8gb ram as vram

But the pc is a multitasking behemoth so you gotta program the the cup to work with the gpu on filling and emptying the vram as quick as possible no matter the vram size even though 2gb vram is enough to push textures of an eye burning game like Crysis 3 on a fast enough gpu.

Not a hard process at all except this is a console game being ported to Pc the Laziest way possible.

So they are sorting out settings by vram size instead of the gpu ability.

So Lazy but give Pc Gamers a full option menu and let us turn off effects and then this really wouldn't be an issue as the control to customize would be there.