Why Are People Still Loyal To The PS Vita?

The Playstation Vita has been around for 2 and half years now and the fledgling handheld has become this generation’s Sega Dreamcast. This is due reasons such as poor sales and little third party support which has led to the Vita having a lack of triple A games.

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teflontactics1416d ago

Answer to the title of the article; because it's awesome.

Any negatives you can find regarding the Vita are overpowered by the positives, it's just a great console with great games.

NukaCola1415d ago

Agreed. I love the Vita. It has a boatload of amazing games.

DiscoKid1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I'm going to go with sarcasm with this one, Nuka. Amazing console doesn't equal having alot of amazing games. I love Sony platforms, and the Vita is awesome, but low-support means it's just losing potential.

PeaSFor1415d ago

for you? something you never intended to know.

Bimkoblerutso1415d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love my Vita, but the VAST majority of games I play on it are games I've already played. They're almost always Classics I've bought off PSN or HD Remasters or Collections or re-releases of older indie games. Even it's greatest game (Persona 4 Golden) is a port of a PS2 game.

It makes it hurt even more when we get truly great exclusive games like Danganronpa, Soul Sacrifice and Tearaway because you realize how badly Sony (and third party devs) is squandering the systems potential.

miyamoto1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Thank you PlayStation for sticking with the hardcore gamer 'til the very end.
Through the thick and thin.
You will until you give yourself to him.
Even if fate is up against your will.

But brace yourselves!
PS Vita Second Wind is coming!

Patrick_pk441415d ago

This. It might to have a strong first party support like Nintendo, but Sony has an amazing and huge list of third party supporters. Vita is amazing.

user55757081415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

well me personally i like some JRPG's such as YS, tales of, persona. vita has all of these out already or coming out along with handheld fighting games such as blazblue. marvel vs capcom and street fighter x tekken.

and the remote play feature really compliments the ps4 as well and the games dont really lose much quality when playing on the vita screen. cross save with ps3 is cool too. imagine playing final fantasy X HD at home and then taking the save file on the road with you to continue.

i understand that its an expensive option but its worth the buy if you have the money to spend. the real problem is that its only for the hardcore crowd. the mobile phone market and 3ds cover a more vast audience and will surely have better sales in the long run

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MrPink20131415d ago

The better question to this article is why is anyone loyal to anything (not just Vita) if there are better products out there? Vita is the best handheld device available imo but the problems are expensive memeory cards and lack of software. Iy really is a great device but nobody can claim there is a steady flow of good support coming for it. Sony has turned it into more of a secondary device for the PS4 than a standalone handheld.

Pogmathoin1415d ago

I love Sony platforms.... Want to make Sony baby V's.

Sharky2311415d ago

I love my vita! The one argument is that there's no games but that is clearly wrong. The remote play saved my marriage! Lol! There's not that many negatives to me. I think they've just not been marketing it the right way.

breakpad1415d ago

when a real Mon Hun or more refined Toukiden -Sacrifice games will come on Vita then you ill see why people is loyal to Vita...advice go buy one for yourself

Magicite1415d ago

I still dont understand why most people prefer 3DS instead of Vita.

voodoochild3461415d ago

More games that those people prefer. It's really that simple. Handheld gaming is all about the games since graphics aren't as big of a deal for most people as long as they're good enough.

SeanScythe1415d ago

Because when I'm working nights and have nothing to do I can play my PS4 from work.

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Chaz30101415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

The PlayStation Vita has loads of third party support! It lacks in first-party support. Bandai Namco, Koei Tecmo, NIS America, even Ubisoft have released their fair share of games. Even then, first-party titles on the Vita this year outnumber those released on PS4/PS3, we've seen the Sly Cooper Trilogy, the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy, God of War Collection, PlayStation Vita Pets, Soul Sacrifice Delta release with Freedom Wars and Oreshika incoming from Sony this year.

Sure there are no AAA games, but what denotes a AAA title nowadays? AAA-titles that we used to enjoy are few and far between, with publishers tightening budgets and cutting studio sizes due to risk. AAA titles now (with a few exceptions) tend to be just franchises with annual sequels that offer minor tweaks on the previous game. I prefer the innovation that we see from some of the smaller developers, and the Vita is a haven for that type of game.

-Alpha1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

This is pretty shoddy settling.

We know what an amazing first party of handheld exclusives can be like, as Nintendo supports the 3DS amazingly.

All your third party titles exist on PS3, so where's the justification in spending so much money on another platform just to have your games on the go? Most people don't live a busy enough life to want to play their games like that.

Nintendo has shown that you dont need big budget games to be successful, but their handheld exclusives are mostly high quality.

Any innovation you see from smaller devs is already available on other platforms as VITA has no huge exclusive third party support. The issue here is lack of first party support. Sony has pretty much let the VITA die. It's a great piece of hardware but we've seen it constantly ignored at the big shows when it comes to the future of software.

Instead of giving us titles like Jak, Ratchet, and a bunch of middleware PS2 exclusives that could be successful, they just let it die and don't try for it anymore. As it is now, it's a great device for remote play, but it's unfortunate that they couldn't create the handheld to be a dedicated machine for exclusive titles like they initially tried for at launch.

ShadowWolf7121415d ago

"It's a great piece of hardware but we've seen it constantly ignored at the big shows when it comes to the future of software."

Except, you know, that pre-TGS conference where they not only showed off a buttload of games but announced there were 100 titles releasing for the Vita by March 2015. And the fact that Freedom Wars, a first party title, did obscenely well in Japan and even sold systems.

Vita's not dead, it's just been asleep.

Mr_Writer851415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

100 games from now to March is not alot.

Also how many are coming to the west?

And lastly how many games will be released on the 3DS during the same time?

ShadowWolf7121415d ago

I'm sorry, did you just say that 100 games in a period of 6 months (averaging at 16 games per month and 4 games per week) isn't a lot?

As for how many come to the West, not sure yet. But there's quite a few more than people realize.

This handy little guide should help.

-Alpha1415d ago


Throwing out numbers doesn't mean much, sorry. Name some quality, proven titles, quality over quantity.

This still doesn't change the fact that, by and large, Sony's first party output is virtually dead. Let's not pretend that Nintendo doesn't far outpace Sony is quality and quantity.

Look at how the VITA first released with some promise from Sony and look at them now.

ShadowWolf7121415d ago

Off the top of my head? Ys, Soul Sacrifice, God Eater, Yakuza, Ronin of Ukiyo looks fantastic, Pier Solar's developer wants a Vita version to happen, Digimon Cyber-Sleuth (which, along with Digimon Games in general, has a real shot of coming out here), Frozen Synapse, Tales of Hearts R...

-Alpha1415d ago

^ Cool, let's wait until they come out and are proven to be well received :)

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rarity1415d ago

Because it has the games I like both in the present and the future. I love the vita's niche game library that's just me.

Hozi1415d ago

Why are people still reading silly articles such as this one?

Stupid MuthaFockas yo!!!

Thehyph1415d ago

A good rule to follow for n4g is to not click on stories with titles beginning with 'why.' They're always bad articles.

HentaiMasterRace1415d ago

Because it's like a baby bird that has fallen off it's nest and needs to be nurtured. You can't just leave it alone and hope for a quick death, SONY!! Seriously, they need to find better ways to support the system. Lower the price to $170, with 32 gb costing $20-35. Sure that's cutting them money, but having expensive devices sit in their storage for ages with no sales is worse. Advertise it with the price cuts and with more games. You never see Vita commercials anywhere outside of Japan.

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