Battlefield 4 Fall Update

Many of you have been asking about the Battlefield 4 Fall Update and we’re excited to tell you that it is now live. This update enhances and improves a wealth of things with Battlefield 4.

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InTheZoneAC1201d ago

I didn't see anything about making the bs aim assist a server side option, while removing it from all hardcore modes

I also didn't see anything about getting rid of dmr's, which everyone seems to be using...

I know in the hardline beta, majority again were using dmr's and it instantly ruined it for me...

thorstein1201d ago

The real question now is: Is it playable? I haven't played since the update (and Destiny ;D). I have an ultra fast connection so rubberbanding has always been a problem.

Skate-AK1201d ago

Didn't have any rubber banding like I used to. Game runs a whole lot better. PS4 version.

zeee1200d ago

How come you can't get the grenades once you have used them anymore? Is it a bug or did Dice do it deliberately?

Matt6661201d ago

What wrong with DMRs then? please explain to me what is actually wrong with them, if anything the ADS on sniper rifles should be slowed down and the close range sights should be gotten rid of for the sniper rifles to try and combat quick-scoping.

InTheZoneAC1201d ago

pew pew pew + aim assist = OP DMR's

it takes absolutely no skill to use a semi auto rifle that's POWERFUL when you're not worried about missing a shot...

Matt6661201d ago

Just sounds like to me you get upset when you get killed by someone using a DMR if you had the skill in the first place you could easily kill some one who was using a DMR

InTheZoneAC1200d ago

more powerful weapon vs less powerful weapon, dmr is a 1 shot, 2 shot max kill

you can't argue dmr's are OP with aim assist...

Matt6661200d ago

@InTheZoneAC yes I can if anything QS with bolt actions are clearly OP one shot kill all the time

Majin-vegeta1201d ago

Game runs a whole lot better,Like it should have from day one.

angelsx1201d ago

Game is ok now but still freamreate drops and rubber banding sometimes on ps4

Majin-vegeta1201d ago

Rubberbanding is long gone for me.Framerate drops I only get in Hainan resort when hotel is being brought down.

swishersweets200311201d ago

Game still has issues, high latency, frame rate drops, bugs with the flir and irnv scopes and pld on maps, 2 inch ledges that halt you in place in more places now than before, packet loss issues, a squad lobby bug that freezes your controls on ps4, hit detection is still a problem, getting killed behind cover is still a major issue. All this patch did was add a bunch of sliders for adjusting icon visibility and a shit load of nerfs and of course tree's that sway with the wind.

MajorGecko1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

i haven't had any rubberbanding since i got my ps4 in july but my friend complains about it on certain servers i feel bad for those still with issues its fixxed now but destiny holds more enjoyment from a shooterd alot less rage over jet whores

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