Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases - Q4 2014

Kyle from The Vita Lounge writes;

"If you're wondering what PlayStation Vita games are set to release before the end of the year you've come to the right place.

Our media manager Tyler and I have collected a bunch of trailers and gameplay video for some of the standout games currently announced for Vita release in Q4, and have molded them into a five minute long hype montage."

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Felis_Rufus1384d ago

Freedom Wars has my interest!

Chaz30101384d ago

Same here! And Tales of Hearts R! There's a few games in that video that I'm going to take a look at. Can't wait!

GuruStarr781384d ago

I'm all in on freedom wars, too!

also, agreed and bubs or the fritz avatar!

Grell5661384d ago ShowReplies(1)
Th3o1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Good Line up

jholden32491384d ago

Well, I can say there are still 2 more Vita games I'll be getting. Tales of Hearts R was one of the worst Tales games, but it's better than nothing. Freedom Wars, even if in Japanese, should be great.

My fear is that after those 2 games release, it's going to be a wrap for the system. We'll see.