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"Now this is the last-gen conversion - or HD demaster, if you like - that we wanted to see. Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One is a highlight of the new console era: a phenomenal package of state-of-the-art rendering technology, open-world gameplay and a brilliant driving simulation melded into an outstanding arcade-style racer. Could this remarkable achievement really translate across to the vintage 2005 Xbox 360 hardware?"

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Septic1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

X1 version is lush but the 360 does a great job.

The absence of weather and mroe off-road tracks is a bit of a shame but hey, if you havent made the jump to X1 yet, the 360 version still holds its own.

Foehammer1379d ago

Outstanding that a console about to hit its 9th birthday should endure so very well.

In the end:

"in pure technical terms, the 360 version cannot hope to compete. The beautiful physically based rendering of Playground Games' version is gone, replaced with a plainer, more flat representation of in-game lighting. Similarly, the remarkable simulation of varying weather conditions has not made its way across to Xbox 360 - weather in the last-gen world is uniformly sunny up against varying conditions on Xbox One from bright skies to lashing storms, incorporating often stunning atmospheric rendering. The gradual shift of the time of day is included, however, but time-lapse comparisons in like-for-like spots demonstrate that Xbox One is a world apart from its last-gen counterpart."

There's also 200 more events on the X1 and, the noticeably different, drivatars.

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UltraNova1379d ago

"Outstanding that a console about to hit its 9th birthday should endure so very well."

Its good for old gen owners no doubt, however when games from old gen are almost up there with the next gen it shows how under-powered the 'next gen' consoles are...

I remember when I saw Motorstorm (Game #2 on ps3)for the first time back in 2007 on a store show floor on a brand new Sony HD ready tv (720p was very new and rare back then) and it blown my mind the rocks, the mud the ragdoll animations where unbelievable for the time. The leap from the ps2 to the ps3 was worth every penny!

Well I guess the 400 price tag is rather appropriate... you get what you pay..

Ko_Uraki1379d ago

FH2 in One is a different game.

BallsEye1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Having played the demo, I gotta addmit that's the best Anti-aliasing I've seen in a console game yet. It's super crisp with 0 jaggies. Impressed! YT doesn't do it's justice.

NeoGamer2321379d ago

Nice to see MS is still putting first party exclusives on X360 and not gimping the version for X1 in doing so...

I wish more devts and pubs would take this approach.

OpieWinston1379d ago

Well thankfully that's becoming a business model for a few Pubs/Devs.

Monolith/WB Games with SoM is getting another studio to do the porting for SoM.
Respawn/EA with Titanfall got another studio to do last gen porting for Titanfall.

MS is just building on that model by doing in house down porting.

Genuine-User1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Similarly, Sledgehammer Games is doing the current gen/PC version of CoD Advanced Warfare whereas High Moon Studios is working on last gen.

On topic, the difference between horizon on x-one and 360 is huge!

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All_Consoles1379d ago

Looks great on 360, but looks amazing on Xbox one. Nice job by both studios

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