Top 5 Bizarre Gaming Accessories

Console Monster writes: "Over the years, many game accessories have launched with the hope of improving the gameplay experience. In fact, most gamers will probably have a dedicated corner in their attic that acts as a graveyard to the accessories they once cherished; from plastic guitars to dance mats and oddly-shaped controllers to console faceplates/skins."

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poppinslops1323d ago

I love the Power-glove... It's so bad!

IcicleTrepan1323d ago

Used to have one of these back in the day and it was horrible for what it was intended for. It did however make for a good gamepad sometimes, because you could program the controller to work with other games and also rapid fire etc. For some reason it was the only controller that I could do well on Cobra Triangle with.

poppinslops1323d ago

Did you ever see 'The Whiz-Kid'?

It was basically a propaganda film for the Power-Glove... and I loved it!

NegativeCreep4271323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

@ poppinslops LOL that was the first thing that came into my head as soon as I saw this article.

Ultimately, I'm happy my parents didn't give in and buy me a Powerglove back in the day.

poppinslops1323d ago

Yeah, me too...

Still, I did get a Super-Nintendo with Super Mario World.

The Best present ever!

SolidGear31323d ago

Now you're playing with power! :3