DICE Ensuring Star Wars Battlefront Isn't A Battlefield 4 Repeat; Republic Commando 2 Rumors

It appears DICE is learning from their past mistakes, especially when it comes to Battlefield 4. Recent tweets point towards Star Wars Battlefront offering a better online experience and job offers suggest we will be seeing a slew of Star Wars games from DICE. Could we be seeing a Republic Commando 2 eventually?

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98xpresent1409d ago

Star Wars Republic commando was the best game on the OG Xbox in my Opinion . That game was REALLY underrated.

Septic1409d ago

Yeah man criminally underrated

poppinslops1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Ah, memories.
Republic Commando was heaps of fun...

Knights of the Old Republic was my favourite.
Great story with great characters... It really gave you the full Star Wars experience.
Constructing my first lightsaber was one of my ultimate gaming moments...


Soon I will be drenched in the blood of 'innocent' Ewoks...

warczar1408d ago

Who do we as gamers have to annoy to get a new KOTOR game? Easily one of the best games of the 6th generation.

poppinslops1408d ago

Mickey Mouse.

Or Bioware...
Thing is, they're already working on Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Shadow Realms.

They could pawn it off to Obsidian, as they did for KOTOR2... Or just have them port the Old Republic MMO to consoles.

bixxel1409d ago

It will really become the best Star Wars game if they add a story mode.

Ghost_Nappa1409d ago

DICE need to grow a pair and refuse EA another chance to ship a broken game for a quick buck

aerisbueller1409d ago

EA clearly has the lawyers to destroy anyone working for them who defies them. DICE needs to grow a pair, all quit together, start a new company, and use KickStarter and/or their collective EA bucks to make a new game.

It's not impossible for anything good to come out of EA, but if EA orders them to do something, they will do it, or be forced to find a new company. Don't look for EA to learn from past mistakes either.

Pandamobile1407d ago

Kinda hard for DICE to spin themselves off when they're wholly owned by EA.

pompombrum1409d ago

I'm sorry but you don't EVER ship an AAA title in the state Battlefield 4 was, it's sad that DICE are the ones feeling responsible while every knowledgeable gamer knows where the real problem lays. Still, they can run damage control as much as they want but I won't be preordering this or any other EA game ever again.

Razputin1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I'll believe DICE when EA isn't the publisher of any of these games.

I know EA holds all the licenses and rights to the games, just remarking to all the idiots that can't read between the lines.

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The story is too old to be commented.