Nintendo Starts Its amiibo Marketing Takeover

N247: It was only a matter of time before Nintendo started marketing its highly anticipated amiibo line at local retailers. Could this be a sign at a soon to be revealed release date for the amiibos?

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LightDiego1412d ago

Can't wait for it, and i want the Marvel figures of Infinity too. If you say that's because i want to play with these toys, you will be reported.

GenericNameHere1412d ago

You just want to play with the toys.

tehpees31412d ago

I'm surprised by the popularity of these things looking at the pre-orders.

At least it indicates it won't be a throw away add-on like the DK bongos were. I'm curious to see where they go with these things.

Kevlar0091412d ago

The detail on amiibo alone is enough to buy one and display. Adding in memory and DLC functionality and the value increases.

Neonridr1412d ago

I have 4 so far on preorder (Mario, Samus, Fox, Link). I want them because they look awesome.. whether or not I use them is a completely different story.

They may just sit on my shelf as a collector's item.

MeteorPanda1412d ago

l have yoshi on preorder.. just cause well l like him >.>

DivineAssault 1412d ago

They look cool as display pieces for a gaming den but i dont see them being used very much.. Idk, they might.. I personally wouldnt really try & grind them to make VR characters to stand there