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Pay attention, Gearbox. This is how you make an Alien game.

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-Foxtrot1385d ago

Hmmmm....I think I'm still going to pass on it at the moment

I feel like after reading the score it never matches the review.

It's like people just want a good Alien game and after Alien CM anything else looked we still have to have faith in the Alien license.

Nearly all of them say how repetitive it gets later on yet for a game like Destiny they had no problem making this out to be a bad thing (which it is).

Transporter471385d ago

I'm renting the game. I want to play it because I do love the Alien universe. It doesn't hurt to rent it if you do not want to buy it. Why don't you try that?

hiawa231385d ago

I agree, I am gamflyin with option to buy if I choose

KakashiHotake1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

These are the kinds of situations when PS Now will come in handy. ;-)

starchild1385d ago

Huh? We aren't getting this game on PS Now. Maybe months or years down the road, but screw that, I want to play this game right away. It looks fantastic.

Stsonic1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

this game has variation, almost all encounters with synthetics, humans and aliens are different. It has repetitive puzzles and quick time events, but there are enough of them to not be overly annoying IMO. Destiny has one thing going for it, shoot horde of enemy.

ChronoJoe1385d ago

It's a great game. I've been playing it for the past few days, writing up a review. It's not a 10 for me, because at least on the XBOX ONE version the animations look awkward and the framerate drops quite a bit at times, but it's a very good game, minor niggles aside.

It's also a very long game, over 20hours. Which is always good news in a market where a lot of publishers thing pushing out 6+ hour experiences is okay.

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ABBAJESUS1385d ago

It's a robot. Ash is a god damn robot.

MysticStrummer1385d ago

This game's review average is higher so far than I would have expected after watching a few streams. Maybe it's more fun to play than it is to watch, because it looked really repetitive and boring. Maybe I'll give it a look later when it's cheaper.

-Foxtrot1385d ago

I'm going to give it a go now after reading more stuff about it but I swear to god if it is average I'll be more ticked off with people over praising it

I mean some sites have said it's the most "terrifying game ever"....exaggeration much.

equal_youth1385d ago

i have it since yesterday and played a few hours already. the atmosphere is great and totally intimidating knowing the alien could be anywhere. But it can also be very frustrating. i play on hard and if you get killed it goes as far as losing a good half hour over it. but so far my only concern with this game.

i think if you buy it or rent it doesn't matter. you will have a good time with it.

kevinsheeks1385d ago

I wish you luck buddy >.<

AgentSmithPS41385d ago

I read one bad review and I think the guy was just butthurt that he got killed so many times, they said the alien would be smart and learn what you do etc. I assume that if the alien is too smart they can just lower the difficulty level and not have such a rough time. It's about time AI got better but people complain about everything no matter what they do.

I'll get this game eventually but I have unfortunate things to do first.