#GamerGate Dev Interview: My Dreams Are In The Hands Of Media That I Largely Disagree With

One Angry Gamer "Being a game designer doesn’t mean that your title will get a fair shake for exposure. A lot of titles largely go unnoticed and even more fall flat right out of the gate even after receiving a bit of promotional loving. In today’s climate, gaming journalists only want to report on games that drive clicks, and games that obviously fall within the clique’s circle of promotional amicability. One of the independent developers who isn’t part of the clique and can’t find a bit of coverage from the larger outlets is Cleril Calamity Studios."

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kingdip901385d ago

And the mainstream media will still label gamergate as mysaginy. Sad that no one really does any investigation anymore.

3-4-51384d ago

Start Holding Journalists accountable for their actions and words.

Ends the BS...

001384d ago

hopefully gamergate can change how these "game journalist" report or just get rid of them all together.

gamerfan09091384d ago

Meh I guess I'm the only one that couldn't give two craps about this gamergate stuff.

001384d ago

you probably should if you actually like video games, unless you are content with a bunch of outsiders who do not care for games or gaming culture and hold gamers with such contempt by controlling the video games that get made.

arbitor3651384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

when you have a big site like gamespot give a game a 3/10 just because it conflicts with the political or social values of the reviewer, that is when you know these social justice warriors are out of control and we seriously need #gamergate. these self-righteous pinheads need to stick to tumblr and stop tainting gaming. all they do is belittle and slander us and the creators of games.

coolbeans1384d ago

What? Why should somebody giving their honest opinion about a game be thrown into the lions of #gamergate like other people? Having a more open and honest environment from journalists is what the movement is all about, not reshaping their opinions to be more 'fitting.'

aliengmr1384d ago

So the idea is to trade one set of "thought police" for another? What happened to thinking for ourselves?

Do you really think developers are only inundated with SJ issues? They aren't, they get every single thing you can imagine.

And yet what impacts games the most is Capitalism. Reality is that:

1. Games are protected by the first amendment.

2. Feedback from the customers is what is largely responsible for the tragic changes made to some games.

But no, GG has to tear through this industry and root out certain types of criticism because it offends their precious little ears. We are too weak to just disagree and need GG to rescue us from people saying mean things about our games.

Gamespot's other sin, a woman had negative things to say about how women are treated in GTA V, still gave it a 9/10, but it wasn't 10/10 so we must be spared from her opinion too.

You want to see what kind of power these site have?

Kotaku is worth about $2.2 million. Polygon is around $430,000. RPS and Gamasutra both around $300,000. Metacritic is worth 1.5 million

TotalBiscuit is in the low six figures, say $200,000.

Marketing budgets for AAA titles go from $10 million to over $100 million, just for marketing.

We'll ignore the fact that a youtuber can make as much or more than an entire website with several writers. But instead focus on the fact that combining the websites that actually cover game would just barely break the $10 million mark.

What does GamerGate go after? A bunch of websites that are losing viewers to youtubers and small time Indie scenes.

I really don't care much what someone says about a game. I'm capable of forming an opinion all on my own. Who are you to tell me I can't agree with the 3/10 for Dead Rising 3? Why should gamers be forced GamerGate's agenda?

Thanks, but no thanks, wake me when GamerGate decides to tackle real corruption.

WilliamUsher1384d ago

It IS tackling real corruption within the industry.

Just Google up the GameJournoPros, or EA's attempt to hide 40,000 users who were hacked and only managed to get exposed because of a whistleblower. You know who helped keep it a secret? A game journalist... because they didn't want to ruin the relationship they had with EA's PR.

Ben Kuchera and Kyle Orland have been exposed for the frauds that they are. Feel free to ignore how they've manipulated their platforms to push their crooked agendas.

THIS is the time to wake up. THIS is a consumer revolt.

Standing by idly is giving rest to justice so corruption feeds at will.

calactyte1384d ago

It takes work to care about anything. But don't whine about corruption when you expect everyone else to do the policing for you.If you are a gamer you should care since these folks are impacting the games you love with their social justice garbage. Also you should be tired of being branded a mysoginist, homophobic, while these morally bankrupt "journalists" can't show an ounce of professionalism. Perhaps you'll care when your favorite game characters are turned female for equality sake. Maybe you'll one day want to let the mainstream public look at you with a tad of respect when you proclaim out loud that you are a gamer? That is what this is all about. You should care, but apathy is an epedemic.

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