Japanese singer GACKT releasing a game app called ‘P.S. I LOVE U’

Japanese singer GACKT is releasing a multi-part story game app, titled [P.S. I LOVE U GACKT], for both iOS and Android. Fans of the 41 year old will be able to create the story of their dreams, as they travel through various scenarios and eras with GACKT himself.

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pasta_spice1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Wow Asians really do age well. He doesn't look 41 at all! Looks like he just stepped out of an anime or Final Fantasy game lol

I personally don't see the appeal of these types of mobile games but whatever floats the boat of his fans I guess.

Old_Prodigy1084d ago

It's called photoshop. Google him, he looks pretty "41" to me.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1084d ago

also prepped with makeup. every model or star gets prepped with makeup for a photo shot or performance.