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Submitted by Cyrus365 2793d ago | review

XboxOZ360: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review - The closest thing to perfect since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

XboxOZ360 writes: "Soon as Metal Gear Solid is booted up to the main menu you suddenly just know in yourself that this is going to be brilliant. The menu consists of Solid Snake our favourite young hero, who has now aged close to his end, visiting the grave of the Boss. The menu's presentation reeks of pure quality and thus, before you even start the game your adrenaline is pumping for excitement.

"'When the opening cinematic starts you assume the game is 30+ years since the end of Metal Gear Solid 2, as Snake has aged with grey hair, wrinkles and a rustier voice than ever. Whereas actually it turns out that it's only been 5 years since the Big Shell incident and that Snake has an accelerating aging disease with only 12 months to live, but Snake has one final mission to finish before he can leave this world… He must save the word from his brother: Liquid."

Editors preamble (XboxOZ360) :- Some will wonder why an Xbox 360 dedicated site such as ourselves has a PS3 review nestled within its hallowed pages. Better yet, one that is reportedly THE PS3's pinnacle game for Sony's "ultimate" gaming system. The reason is a simple one really. We here at XboxOZ360-game/ are first and foremost gamers and as such, prefer 'games' over fanboyism any day. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)
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Vojkan  +   2793d ago
Great review, they have my respect from now on, nice guys.
sonarus  +   2793d ago
wow didn't see an xbox dedicated site rating it this high. Maybe we should encourage more cross game reviews so PS3 sites rate 360 exclusives and vice versa.
Hagaf22  +   2793d ago
much agreed, very high props to this site. now you know its a great game when the ratings are that high from a 360 site.
Fragking28  +   2793d ago
yep leave it to 360 fanboys to actually care about games. Just joking. I love it how even though we dislike certain systems more than others we could do some good for gaming. NOw ps3 sites show some love for 360 titles its been a one side affair for the longest.
ThanatosDMC  +   2793d ago
Well, they practically have no choice but to rate the game honestly. I mean, people will spit on their credibility if they bashed the game's awesomeness.
thesummerofgeorge  +   2793d ago
Classy... Good for them, goes to show you how groundbreaking the game is.
wolfehound22  +   2793d ago
wow and from an xbox website
This is such a great great game. The most fun I've had with a game in a long time. Will be playing this thru at least one more time.

>>>SPOILERS<<& amp; amp;a mp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>

>>>SPOILERS<<& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>

>>>SPOILERS<<& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>

Did anyone else try and change your controler from 1 to 2 when you played screaming mantis and octacon came on saying you can't do that that was only in mgs1. That was f@cking awesome. I was lmao after that. Just such a great game.
kingOVsticks  +   2793d ago
this isn;t the first all xbox site to review MGS4 highsly I think the other one gave it a ten and to your

SPOILER---------------------- ------------------------------- ------------

spoiler question yes...yes I did otacon is funny but did you try using the sixasis ?
wolfehound22  +   2793d ago
Ya i used the sixaxis I do not have a DS3 yet.

>>>SPOILERS<<& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp;a mp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>

When he says I can make your controller move and he can't he freaks out. I don't remember what exactly he says but its pretty classic. That is the stuff that makes this game great just the little stuff that is intertwined with new and old MGS.

I was surprised a little but,

>>>SPOILERS<<&a mp; amp; amp; amp; amp;a mp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>
I'm also glad they didn't end it with him committing suicide either. Plus who knows they may have left it open for a MGS5.
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CrashSharc  +   2793d ago
SPOILERS|||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||
|||\\\\\\||\\\\|||\\lol, I love it when he say "put the controller on the ground and snake is like "huh, wtf?" lol!. |\\\|||\\||\|HUGE SPOILER HERE But did anyone think it was really wierd that Snake doesn't||\\||\ d*e|\\||\\| at the end? atleast not in any cutscene|\\\|||\\||||\|||\||\|
MEGANE  +   2793d ago
me 2!
i also inverted my controller and it was the only way i was able to shot at it with no use of curse....but it was fun trying until i realize that i had to know!
Infernus  +   2793d ago
Yeah for the Mantis thing it even recognised that I had a White DS3 and not a standard one! The flashbacks are good too, what a way to recap the old games in-game! Anyone else realise that when you find a secret area you get playback of some dialog from the older games? There's a mini cropcircle on the scounting mission (I won't tell you where) and you hear the MGS2 dialog from Campbell in Arsenal Gear about being abducted by aliens. Good stuff!

The Boss battles in MGS games are always good though, always unique and the best bit is that you know early on that you'll have to fight them at some point. It leaves that feeling of always having a huge battle awaiting you. Valve do it well with the Half-Life games too, they introduce the player to something and test them with it later on.

Breaking the 4th wall is something MGS games do well, the Mantis fight is the best example, but the button presses during the cutscenes for flashbacks and 1st person views also help with player interactivity. The biggest challenge will be retaining Kojima's influence on things like that in MGS when/if they make the next game.
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AbyssGravelord  +   2793d ago
Lmao I also changed my controller from 1 to 2 when fighting the mantis, it was so funny though when the mantis said "I'm going to make your controller move on its own!....WHAT!"

>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> SPOILERS!!!!<<<<< ;<<<<<<<&l t;<<<<
Wasn't the final fight with liquid simply amazing!!! With the music playing in the background I was almost in tears from the complete awesomeness and nostalgia!
Blademask  +   2793d ago
lol. now this is a first I think...
They praise gameplay but I found this interesting:

"Graphically this game is one of the most beautiful games ever, only coming into close rivals with Crysis, but while Crysis beats Metal Gear Solid 4 in Game play graphics, it blows Crysis out of the water in Cut scenes. Cut scenes are done in engine so the transition between both is smooth and doesn’t take you out of the action. The textures on Snakes Octocamo suit look amazing. As do the floor and wall textures. Generally everything about graphics is there, such as depth of field. You may find the occasional low resolution texture here and there, but generally it is a fine game, with the Frame Rate dropping barley ever, and not to any unwatchable degree. Lip-synching is fantastic and general character design and graphics have never appeared this real life looking."

"In my opinion, this has been the best game out since Zelda Ocarina of Time, it’s truly revolutionary, and its cinematic game play and storyline carry this game to the number one position on the podium. It does have a few minor setbacks, but they are so minor most players won’t even noticed them, or if they do, they will be forgotten a second later. The game has many things to unlock after you initially beat the game, so it will keep you playing for many, many hours. And I can only hope that Konami’s next game featured in the Metal Gear universe revolutionizes the series even further."

= 9 . 9
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ScottEFresh  +   2793d ago
This game is a winner...a true masterpiece. Not even Xbox faithful can deny that. Truly a great game which should be played by everyone...who own a PS3.
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cr33ping_death  +   2793d ago
now MS loyalist have to be wanting this game if it got a 9.9 from an xbox site. really guys this game is just that good.
Vojkan  +   2793d ago
rucky  +   2793d ago
"The team has chosen the Xbox 360 as their prime platform due to many reasons, but that does not stop them from enjoying games presented on the other platforms that they love to play. So the question is poised, should we not cover a major AAA PS3 title simply because it is “the opposition” ? Of course not, we’re more mature than that, and we would hope that other Sony based sites would do the same with Xbox only games such as Gears Of War 2, Too Human, Fable 2."

Best part of their introduction. Cheers to this site
Blademask  +   2793d ago
PoG/Mart how are you going to spin this one?
Really curious.
Silogon  +   2793d ago
There's nothing to spin, really. A no name site reviewed a great game and now wants the same in return from Sony no name sites. Seems about right to me.


Are you all retarded here? Seriously, I said the game was great and you disagree with me. You all are stashlers. lmfao
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chaosatom333  +   2793d ago
HE asked for POG and MART
and SILOGAN answered.

hahahahahahahahahhahahhahahah hahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahah a hahhahahhaha,

bow down before MGS4, xbots.
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TheMART  +   2793d ago
Spin what exactlY?

The game gets good scores. Its the only PS3 exclusive that has an average of a 9.0 and up AAA. It was facking time for it, 1.5 years after the PS3 got released!!!

No other exclusives on the PS3 above a 9 average reviews. Not that's a sad thing.

But hey, MGS4 at least is worth playing. Good to know its from Konami. A 3rd party dev, and MGS IP isn't owned by Sony. Lets not forget... MGS2 was on the original XBOX already and to get the costs back on this very expensive game Konami need a bigger installed base then just over 10 mln. users on the PS3.
Telmarine  +   2793d ago
Mart, take it like a man

You are NOT getting MGS4
TheKungFool  +   2793d ago
At least the PS3 has "exclusives".

Gears, Mass Effect, Bioshock, and soon Halo3 etc. are all on either the PS3 or PC, so please enlighten me: which "EXCLUSIVE" games on the 360 are rating better than MGS4?
(and by exclusive, I mean actually exclusive)
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heyheyhey  +   2793d ago
2.5 years of the Xbox and only two real AAA exclusives.... now THAT'S sad

only Forza 2 and Halo 3 actually require an Xbox to play (and you know Halo 3 will come to the PC eventually)
qface64  +   2793d ago
your right
mgs2 was on the original xbox and look at how horrible that turned out?

seriously it was a disaster when compared to the ps2 version
-Maverick-  +   2793d ago
PogMart is STILLLL playing stupid.
NO_PUDding  +   2793d ago
He's quoting from some article that said MGS4 woudl be annoucned at E3 this year for the 360.

The same article also said the Wii 1.5 would be announced and Silent Hill 5 woudl be Ps3 exclusive.

MGS4, won't fit on one disc, the engine isn't designed to work with the 360 (Kojima said that why go multiplatform when you can create better games on one platform), it has Apple pasted all over it it has Sony pasted all over it. So i doubt you'd see this come to a system that is so adverse to both of those brands.

They'd ahve to take out and redesign props and re-record dialogue and totally change some parts of the game thta are specifically about the PS3 or Apple. So it's not gonna happen.
CaptainHowdy  +   2793d ago
I see, so since MGS2 was on the xbox, so will this...i see. And when are metal gear solid 3, metal gear solid portable ops, metal gear acid, metal gear acid 2, metal gear the graphic novel, metal gear essential collection,metal gear online, or any other sony appearing metal gear game coming to the xbox??? dream on. Konami was confused around the launch of mgs2 putting it on xbox, and then 1st one on gamecube....they've learned, and been on Sony ever since. buy a ps3 and stop trolling
gambare  +   2793d ago
Its the only PS3 exclusive that has an average of a 9.0
*cough* uncharted - R&C *cough*
PirateThom  +   2793d ago
Mart, go and play the game and when you see the product placement past "oh, it's Blu-ray!", you'll see why this game has more chance of being on a PowerBook than any Microsoft platform.
juuken  +   2793d ago
Mart, you are an idiot.
That is all.
Dark General  +   2793d ago
I have to say Uncharted got shafted big time on metacrtic for not being rated 90 or over. It's 90 on gamerankings though, it's one of the best games i've ever played to be honest.

1 more thing i love reading you guys comments. Keep em coming.
theKiller  +   2792d ago
when the enemy praise u
then that means u r really something!!!

metacritic misses more than half of the perfect reviews

MGS4 perfect reviews from!

10/10 from kombo
10/10 from gamespot
10/10 from IGN
10/10 from Playstation Official Magazine UK
10/10 from GamePro
10/10 from Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
10/10 from Game Informer
10/10 from Gameplayer
10/10 from Console Monster
10/10 from PSX Extreme
10/10 from AceGamez
10/10 from Famitsu
10/10 from MeriStation (Spain)
10/10 from PlayStation Beyond
10/10 from Empire Online
10/10 from neocrisis
10/10 from Rise of Games
10/10 from pocket-lint
10/10 from gamespot(UK)
10/10 from JeuxVideo.FR
10/10 from bingegamer(BG)
10/10 from PSU
10/10 from Dubious (104%)
10/10 from 411
10/10 from X-Play
10/10 from
10/10 from Eurogamer Portugal
10/10 from Loot Ninja
10/10 from PST (
10/10 from ME (
10/10 from 360-Entertainment
10/10 from
10/10 from Level 26
10/10 from PSM (Italy)
10/10 from Playr (bravo uk)
10/10 from ReelGamers
10/10 from Sl!ceGaming
10/10 from Sci Fi
10/10 from Giant Bomb
10/10 from Maxim Online
10/10 from Thunderbolt Games
10/10 from TheSixthAxis
10/10 from Lawrence
10/10 from Digital Chumps
10/10 from
10/10 from Hooked Gamers
10/10 from GamingAge
10/10 from QJ.Net
10/10 from G4 TV
10/10 from Geekscribe
10/10 from SCRAWL (
10/10 from
10/10 from Lazygamer
10/10 from Consolenauts
10/10 from Gamesdog
10/10 from
10/10 from Techtree
10/10 from Gamernode
10/10 from MSN UK
10/10 from GameArena
10/10 from Digital Spy
10/10 from Spin Cookie
DarthTigra  +   2793d ago
Oh lord i hope xboxkings dont think they can do a review now ;)
TheExecutive  +   2793d ago
I could see the video review consisting of MGS1 graphics. Shadow Moses this and that...
#7.1 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DarthTigra  +   2793d ago
Yeah i could see the video review to and for anyone who has done act 4 they know the one part they would pick out to show the game lol
RiseOfMonster  +   2793d ago
umm kay...
PSWe60  +   2793d ago
Good to see
that not all 3rd60 owners are bots.

These guys are a cut above the class
meepmoopmeep  +   2793d ago
wait, did i just enter another dimension?
name  +   2793d ago
If only the xbox people on THIS site were that mature.
kingOVsticks  +   2793d ago
theres sum
like breakfast,Silek(I think thats how you spell his name),ummm theres more but there so good at not hating on the PS3 you would think they have PS3's
wolfehound22  +   2793d ago
YA I'm not sure with breakfast. I think he says stuff just to get under peoples skins. Sometimes he's just very low key other times he says some of the most blatantly ignorant sh!t about either console. But the fanboys always come running. I use to bite in the beginning, but I've read enough of his comments to realize he just likes to mess with the fanboys
jollygoodchap8  +   2793d ago
You mean like that fork kid that can't spell for sh*t?
Even 360 fans tell him to shut up and take his bubbles.
00  +   2793d ago
They are
the fanboys on the other hand....
Bnet343  +   2793d ago
"xbox people" and "xbox fanboys" are two different kinds of species
wolfehound22  +   2793d ago
I wonder how many xbox fanboys will be saying this game is over hyped when xbox only websites can give it props. I mean this should just show you the console wars are stupid and fanboys should grow up. We have seen plenty of developers for one platform praise developers for the other platform. Or this consols website praise this console exclusive.
Both 360 fanboys and Sony fanboys need to grow up and realize that both sides have great games and are legitimate pieces of hardware. They both have there issues 360 has the hardware issues and having to pay for online support. And Sony has game delays and promises that seem to take for ever to see the light of day. If a site that is dedicated to xbox can say that this is the best game that they have played since Zelda Ocarina of Time, and its on PS3. Than we all should be able to except both the pluses and minuses of each system and just play game to enjoy them.
vilmer  +   2793d ago
No matter which "side" you're on, as gamers, you have to give credit where credit is due.
Bnet343  +   2793d ago
What happens if you do not like Metal Gear Solid? I'm not hating on the game, but honestly I never got into the series. It's just me.
waljaber  +   2792d ago
u cant just bash a great game like this!! sometimes games speak for them selfs.
LaChance  +   2793d ago
Well , if you guys in a 360 thread werent there ONLY reason to bash the game we could have mature discussions.

I mean I have a look in KZ or MGS4 etc threads and theres little to no 360 gamers at all.

But in a 360 thread thers 80% sony gamers , not to talk about the game and give an opinion but ONLY to bash.
How do want to have a cool discussion when you know from the start they dont care about the game but only here to bash.

Just checkout a Geow 2 thread or Halo or whatever.The best example was the thread when they revealed Banjo Kazooie for the first time.That thread was just pure chaos.

I mean if you look into say a smaller and less impressive 360 game like Too Human for instance (except for todays thread) thers almost no PS3 gamers at all and the thread is a clean , mature and neutral debate simply because PS3 gamers dont care much for Too Human so they arnt in the threads.

I know you guys are going to disagree and bla bla bla but its simply the truth.

Im not saying ps3 fans are worse or anything but Im sure you guys see what I meean. Both sides are the same.

edit : in PS3 threads theres always of course 2 or 3 usaul 360 fanboys to troll around but its almost unsignificant compared to what happens in 360 threads.

@wolfhound22 : I joined this site just before the PS3 price cut last year , so lets say august or something like that.I remeber the site was more balanced but in no way 80% 360 fanboys like today with the Sony fanboys.Maybe earlier in the year it was like that but wehn I joined the site it was more balanced but still more Sony fanboys.So I dont really know what you guys are talking about when you say this site was run by 360 fanboys because even when the PS3 was sinking I still remember thsi site being in majority PS3 gamers.
#14 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
wolfehound22  +   2793d ago
Well I do agree partly with your comment. Where as sometime no matter what the news there is about 360 there are sony fanboys in there. When you come to sony news if its good news say when MGS4 was getting a lot of 10's you won't see a 360 fanboy anywhere, but when Haze was getting crushed in its reviews that's all you seen. I think in some parts it's this way because 360 fanboys were trashing sony to no end in its first year. When I first came on this site you could hardly read a comment without seeing "sony sucks" or "sonys dead". So now its swung 180 degrees. either way all fanboys need to grow up and play and enjoy there games.

Now I'm not saying there were more 360 fanboys. But PS3 topics were over run by 360 fanboys bashing it to h@ll. And basically what your saying about the sony fanboys now are what people were saying about the 360 fanboys then. Either way both need to grow up and stay out of each other's articles if they have nothing constructive to add. Theres no reason to go into a article say this game is crap and you won't ever play it if you don't even own that console. I don't know about you but I got better things to do than worry about other peoples sh!t.
#14.1 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kingOVsticks  +   2793d ago
there are waaaaaay more 360 trolls in PS3 topics not calling you a 360 troll but you obviously prefer the 360 and look where your commenting.
HardcoreGamer  +   2793d ago
this is how it goes down
im sick of it also, im a pro gamer play all the best games, but this is how it is, all the old ps2 owners are going to jump to ps3 soon and they will whine about this, why because its their oppinion, the problem here is its around 70 million ps3 fans vs 20 million 360 fans, their obviously out numbered, you cant help this, and no one can, slowly as predictted by good brains, that ps3 will dominate, im not tryna sound like a proon, but this is the reality of things, even though i have all 3 systems, i favour ps3, dont ask why, the only asnwer i can give you is, that ps1 brought me entertainmnet, so did ps2, ps3 bought me a wife, il end it there
Willio  +   2793d ago
i wouldnt talk when you couldnt even use proper grammer in the past. your statements are hypocritical when your old comments were purely fanboyism.
Infernus  +   2793d ago
It's never balanced.

What you're witnessing at the moment is Sony fanboy revenge tactics for what happened from June to October last year on this site. There were tons of articles on Bioshock, Halo 3, tables of 360 and PS3 projected lifespans and sales figures with graphs and all that. Lots of pro 360 stuff and then we had lots of 'Heavenly Sword is too short', 'Lair is worthless because it's motion only', 'Why are Sony pushing Blu-Ray when HD-DVD sales are higher? It'll never work'. We had them all. You could throw out a net and haul in a thousand fanboys it was that dense.

It was rampant with 360 fanboyism, in fact I'd say it was just rampant with fanboyism full stop. The PS3 fanboys are now in 360 articles insulting the games because 360 fanboys were doing exactly the same thing last year.

I couldn't go into any (and I mean ANY) PS3 news article without hearing one of 3 choice phrases from a 360 fanboy:
2)PS3 has no games
3)Go watch a BluRay

Plus we had Mart in every article spewing stuff about 360 sales and how it was superior to the PS3 in every possible way.

I completely disagree with the 80% Sony and barely any 360 fanboys it was the opposite, with many people (Even those that commented sensibly) trying to have convos about the topic and then a fanboy flame war was sparked by some fanboy spouting insults at Sony, the PS3 or the games.

Things have come full circle now and having been through that last year for around 4 months I have absolutely no sympathy for those that now can't take it when it's on the flipside. In my opinion we shouldn't be talking about a balance of fanboys but rather the complete removal of fanboyism all together. This article is a breath of fresh air and I salute the guys for sticking their necks out and saying what they've said.
#14.5 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
christina aguilera  +   2793d ago
big up for them
tk  +   2793d ago
Well well well...
Now how do you get this? XB360 site less critical of MGS4 than some other so-called review sites.

XB360 magazines giving higher score to a PS3 game than EDGE etc.
SKUD  +   2793d ago
#17 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
meepmoopmeep  +   2793d ago

appreciate a good game no matter what platform it's on.
name  +   2793d ago
@ lachance
Are you serious? There's a very large amount of 360 people in MGS4 threads and PS3 threads in general. You can't possibly believe yourself when you say that. And it's pathetic to use that "BUT THEY DO IT TOO" excuse. Jesus christ, what are people gonna do hold a grudge over people insulting a product they own? It's just a matter of if you want to be mature or not. What are you getting revenge or something?

You can either be a gamer or a fanboy. I'm sure everyone has heard that a thousand times, but that's the core decision you'll have to make. For whatever reason it may be, some people have backed themselves into a corner where they won't allow themselves to like/admit to liking anything other than the console they own. Sometimes its caused by not having enough money to own both consoles. But that doesn't make sense, because I can't afford a Mercedes, that doesn't mean I'm gonna say I hate it. I think a big reason for fanboys is actually..other fanboys.

If anything, I think reviewers and 3rd party devs unequal treatment(this gen AND last gen) have resulted in a bias outlook for some gamers.
meepmoopmeep  +   2793d ago
the worst part isn't the gamer fanboys but the in-closet "professionals"
LaChance  +   2793d ago
Euh ... I dont get what you saying.I think you didnt read my post properly.

And first of all WHY ON PLANET EARTH would I hold a grudge ????????

Were on a gaming forum !!! Were talking about videogames.This isnt no war or anything !

What I was saying is that people will respond to you the same way you treat them.If 360 gamers act like fanboys towards PS3 gamers then they PS3 gamers are going to act the same way and vice versa.

Moreover you people seem to calassify anyone who doesnt have the same opinion as you as a fanboy.I mean anybody who who thinks for instance that MGS4 is a bad game is a fanboy for you guys ( I perssonaly think its a great game , got to play an hour or so at friends place).Same goes for 360 gamers with a big 360 exclusive.

Well for you guys Im a fanboy simply because the 360 to me is a way better system.I mean you got to grow up people.People have differant opinions thats it.

Somebody with blind loyalty to a system and refuses to touch anything else and denies facts etc , HE is a fanboy , not the guy who thinks Gears is crap or that Uncharted sucks.

Ive never said I hated a console nor ever lied Ive played a game only so i can bash it , never denied a fact because of biais , or whatever.

I dont have time for that nor have the motivation.I mean N4G is a cool site no matter the unbalance , even if I were the only 360 gamer over here I wouldnt leave this site simply because I understand that someone can have a differant opinion.

Alot of guys take all this stuff too seriously ,cant believe all the "threats" and insults I get just for having a complete opposite opinion.
#18.2 (Edited 2793d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
chasegamez  +   2793d ago
PureGamer  +   2793d ago
LaChance you should of been here before the ps3 was launched you would have been lucky to find a ps3 fanboy.
name  +   2793d ago
Ugh, I feel the same way. I'd prefer it if people just said they hated a console than the people who lie about owning a console or make up other junk to sound like they're unbiased. And pure gamer was right, it was PS3 hell on N4G last year. I can't believe how much has changed on this site.
name  +   2793d ago
@ lachance
What I'm saying is, alot of people say "OH YOU SHOULD SEE ALL THE _____ FANBOYS TROLLING MY CONSOLES ARTICLES" whenever someone calls them out for being a fanboy. As if they're "getting them back" for hurting their feelings or something.
jollygoodchap8  +   2793d ago
Too bad that buffa guy isn't this mature.
What was his first complaint about the game?

Oh yeah! It's on the PS3...I hate that guy.
Angelitos  +   2793d ago
Ha, nice to see the rival praise :)
Fighter  +   2793d ago
I guess I was wrong
Not all Xbox 360 owners are Xbots. Now this is what I call 'an honest review' from an actual reviewer who LOVES GAMES rather than those morons that give low scores to get hits on their site.
N2NOther  +   2792d ago
So wait, because he liked the game it's cool? Can it ever, EVER be possible that some people didn't think this game was amazing? I'll answer this one for you. Yes, it can.
N2NOther  +   2792d ago
So it's not possible that a reviewer just didn't like the game enough to score it high? Whoever disagreed is a moron. Period.
Toolster  +   2793d ago
Pos best game ever made
I have never played a MGS game before, but the other day I had the urge to go buy MSG4 and im so glad I did its bloody amazing!! Sure I dont know whats going on all the time having not played the others but im blown away. Its fast becoming my fav game of all time 10/10
okcomputer  +   2793d ago
Do yourself a favor and play the other ones, especially mgs3.

Half the enjoyment I'm getting out of mgs4 right now is the completion of the amazing story from the others, and seeing all of the old surviving characters making great comebacks. Playing mgs4 without having played the others is like reading only the last chapter of a great book. mgs4 is that much better taken in context with the others.
EastCoastSB  +   2793d ago
I'm in the same boat
I never played an MGS game before but I couldn't pass this one up. Took me a little while to get used to the story but it is easily one of the best games I've ever played.

I definitely have to go buy MGS Essentials one of these days.
heyheyhey  +   2793d ago
9.9 from an Xbox website is an excellent result

although i get the feeling they didn't decide to give a lower score because it would have been too predictable

bit like Gamespot
tatotiburon  +   2793d ago
another blog...tomorrow what?? MGS4 reviews from facebook profiles? myspace? msnspace?blogspot??, Cosmopolitan?, Vogue?, Teen Magazine?
Whoooop  +   2793d ago
That's not a bad idea...

XboxOZ360  +   2793d ago
Suggestion:- Do some research
Actually, it's because of comments such as yours that we persist in being "who we are" and that is gamers first, and a particular platform supporter second and run a blogging based website (you did read that there are over 10 members of our 'team'- or didn't you even bother checking the site out?). One thing I can't stand in here especially, and it's really only really evident in this site, is the bias many have towards "blogs" . .

Blogs "used to be" looked at as ones personal diary or journal.

Things have changed on the net, and blogs/blogging software run close to 80% of all sites on the net, almost all major news sites, be that game or mainstream media use blogs/blogging software for their reporters daily entries, and just about all of the main gaming news sites that have a solid respect are, dare I say - blogs . . .

They all started out with humble beginnings, they needed support to start out, and many used and still use common blogging software to run their sites, as it allows them much more freedom to work with the news and reviews, rather than work "on the site" keeping it going that you'd have to do if you were using raw html and running all the backend software your self.

Check out sites like Joysiq, Destrucktoid, Gizmodo, XboxFanBoy, SonyFanBoy, all of the major sites reviewers such as GameSpot, IGN, GamePro, CVG etc etc etc. Instead of bagging blogs, start reading them, wordpress, BlogSpot, Typepad etc run 90% of all blog site in the world, and they do so because they are good tools for the end user who wants to deliver information, not spend 8-10 hours of the day coding pages, when they have 3 times that amount of information to deliver to their readers.

If you were mature enough to venture outside of your closed walls, you'd actually see that, and it's something we hope to at least but a dent in on this site, blogs are NOT bad, blogs are useful tools for delivering information quickly and professionally.
Superfragilistic  +   2791d ago
Bubbles for OZ's response. Couldn't agree more and Kudos for the site. :)
name  +   2793d ago
Gamespot's 10/10 was way more shocking than this.
Trek5200  +   2793d ago
At the Mart
Hey Mart,
They don't need a bigger base if all 10 people buy it.
(nice since you and I both know there are more than 10 million PS3s in peoples home you tool!!!)

Crawl back in to your little tiny cave of delusion.
Like my avatar?? It's for bots like you!
TheKungFool  +   2793d ago
I'm giving you bubbles for the avatar alone TREK5200, LOL.
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