Sonic Boom Will Air on Cartoon Network in November

Hardcore Gamer: Earlier this year, it was revealed that the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game would take the series in a whole new direction. It was also said to be getting an animated television series. Today, SEGA announced that the show will begin airing on Cartoon Network on November 8, 2014.

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LightDiego1386d ago

I don't know about the show, and the game, if will be good, but for sure i will check it.
I liked Sonic Lost Worlds, despite the flaws.

Metallox1386d ago

I think both show and games will flop. They just don't look appealing enough, that's what most of the people in previews coincide unfortunately. I was even more excited about Lost World.

MegaRay1385d ago

They should just used orginal design instead of this "western" one.

ValKilmer1385d ago

If they're confident enough to do a TV show, maybe the game will be good after all.