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8BitChimp says, "’ve never been a huge fan of sports games. I enjoyed the “Street” and “Blitz” iterations of NFL, but they were far from the widely popular Sports Simulation games that EA publishes every year. I considered myself done with the sports genre entirely after EA announced that they were done with the NCAA football games which I actually enjoyed. I always knew of the FIFA games, but I had never looked into them. I played soccer as a kid and I loved it then, but as I grew up, my linebacker physique brought me to football and thus washed away my great memories of soccer."

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Gardenia1324d ago

9.3? No way. It's fun but there still are a lot of things they can improve, starting with the graphics. Except for a few players non of them look like they do in real life

Nathan1701324d ago

Thi biggest problem is the pace.

lonelyplayer1324d ago

I saw a streaming yesterday. It is too easy to score...