Skyrim Modded Still Gives Current-Gen Open World Games A Run For Their Money

DSOGaming writes: "It’s been almost a year since the release of current-gen consoles and surprisingly enough, the PC modded version of Skyrim still gives current-gen open world games a run for their money. To put it simply; modders have been able to overhaul Bethesda’s RPG to the point that it can rival – and even surpass – games releasing one generation afterwards. We certainly hope that ‘truly’ current-gen open world games will look better than this (or those that have been released thus far), so here is hoping that developers will learn something from the works of these guys."

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MRMagoo1231413d ago

I guess that is because the mods have been getting fixed and upgraded for a few years, isnt that to be expected? I mean if devs started with an already made game and just made mods they too could make most games look way better than they currently are.

ravensly1413d ago

you can also say that these guys mod for free without any budget while developers need money

lsujester1413d ago

If the modders did this for a living like the developers, they'd also need money.

Sashamaz1413d ago

Do the developers who made these games from the ground up have some type of obligation to give you their games for free?

Was the hobbyist modder there when the developers where going through all the development plans, concepts and long hours of work for the duration of the production of Skyrim?

Have you ever had a job? If you did you wouldn't make such a stupid statement. What ever job you do maybe you should give it all for free like these guys that mod for free.

UltraNova1412d ago


Did you just called volunteers all around the globe stupid assholes working for free?

Oh my...

wannabe gamer1412d ago

" if devs started with an already made game and just made mods they too could make most games look way better"

you mean like call of duty...... take a game thats already made and modify it to make sequels for the rest of a consoles life cycle.

Viryu1413d ago

I'm still hoping for a "definitive edition" of Skyrim on new gen consoles. I can dream, right?

Future_20151413d ago

definitive version on consoles lol

frostypants1413d ago

*cough*TOMB RAIDER*cough*

Vegamyster1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


Tomb Raider DE had a different character model, missing graphical effects like Tessellation and scaled back tressFX, the games framerate was unlocked on the PS4 (40-60 fps) and 30 fps on the Xone.

Regarding Skyrim if they made a current-gen version it would be silly to call it "Definitive" since it would lack mod support.

Sashamaz1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

So for a game to be definitive it can only be done on PC? Let me guess it's because teh grafix and resolution be higher on the mighty PC bla bla bla had no idea the master race was so shallow.

@Vegamyster It has no mod support so no it's no good enough, guess the majority of games ever released must suck because they don't have the same repetitive texture replacement mods.

Vegamyster1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


When you claim a game as definitive then it must be better right? If it's the same game but doesn't look as good then why is it considered "definitive"?

"guess the majority of games ever released must suck because they don't have the same repetitive texture replacement mods."

If you don't know what you're talking about then why say something like that? There is more to Skyrim mods (mods in general) then textures packs, full fully voiced quests, better UI, improved leveling system and RPG elements, new areas & items, improved combat to name a few.

Google it.

Sashamaz1413d ago

@Vegamyster Skyrim does not look good on consoles or PC the games just looks ugly, it would not be hard for them to make a current gen version look better than what they have right now on PC. I do have the PC version and unless you overload it with mods the game looks average at best.

Yes definitive means better and if a ps4/xbone version was made it would definitely be better than the previous gen that's pretty obvious. When you say better what do you mean because the term is relative? Story and gameplay elements can be improved, there maybe be additional content added to the game that is not made available on another platform.

All that aside what is wrong with wanting a definitive version on current gen consoles? Are you paranoid by people having something better than you or do you just have the idea of console gamers enjoying a game more than you.

Vegamyster1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


frostypants used Tomb Raider as an example the definitive version when in reality it was not, regarding Skyrim we don't know what Bethesda would or wouldn't add but chances are if they did make it they'd release the added content on the PC version too either as DLC or a free download like the texture pack.

"Are you paranoid by people having something better than you or do you just have the idea of console gamers enjoying a game more than you. "

Um no, you seem to keep missing the point. "Definitive Edition" is nothing but a new buzz word, the reason Skyrim is still being played so much on the PC in comparison to the consoles versions is due to the plethora of mods that keep coming which continuously gives the game new life.

Mods are feature in the game that Bethesda wanted in the game (SteamWorks), they want people to mod and improve the game. Fact is the console version would not include it since you cannot create mods on a closed platform, paranoia has nothing to do with it.

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KrisButtar1413d ago

I would love The Elder Scrolls Anthology put on consoles

LAWSON721413d ago

It would only really be nice for convience, the game is hardly any more appealing on PC maxed out. Modders made the game look amazing not Bethesda

ginsunuva1412d ago

Or just a new game.

People and their remakes...

nitus101412d ago

Well they have "Skyrim the legendary edition" for consoles (ie. PS3 and XB360) and that would give you an extra 100+ hours of gameplay. Of course you could pay to download the content but it would probably work out cheaper to get the BD (PS3) or DVD's (XB360) if you have never played the game before.

As for the PS4 and XB1 you can get Elder Scrolls Online if you don't mind paying for subscription although I am not sure if you need an PS+ or Xbox live Subscription as well.

Personally if I pay for say a PS+ subscription then there is no way I am going to pay for another subscription.

The Skyrim game for the PS4 and XB360 is only 720p and does suffer from some slowdown and on occasion hangs (PC's had this as well) but it is still an excellent game.

MRMagoo1231412d ago

You dont need ps plus i am pretty sure, the game is pretty crap tho anyway, I gave up on it months ago.

FlameBaitGod1412d ago

Sashamaz stop bro, you just look dumb. I though u where trolling but then I saw you where serious and felt bad for you.

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Shineon1413d ago ShowReplies(1)
JaXion51413d ago

Well you need a computer that costs way more than a current gen system to run this game properly with all these mods so I'm not surprised.

Omnisonne1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Yeah, maybe 1% of the ppl who own Skyrim on pc can run this

Its impressive what they do with mods sometimes, but these comparisons are really pointless on many aspects

Edit: Maybe when The Witcher 3 comes out they can compare it with the PC version set on Ultra, that would atleast negate some of these aspects

FullmetalRoyale1413d ago

To be fair, that'd be the same as saying the 10% of PS3 owners that have PS4's when comparing Shadow of Mordor.

The amount of people that are on that higher tier is irrelevant, I think.

bigrob9041413d ago

i have a computer from 2011. if i played skyrim with all those mods it would probably crash or run extremely slow. i have not upgraded my computer in any way as it's a laptop. but if i upgraded my desktop with some new top of the line stuff, i could play. so essentially you need a system that equals or surpasses the current gen to play this the way you would like. otherwise you will be disappointed for the most part. thats not to say with my system that i can't play this game with some great mods. just not nearly as many as they probably use and the best quality ones.

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