Driveclub’s Graphics Looks a Ton Better in Motion on PS4 than in Gameplay Screenshots

While everyone is very fond of screenshots, Driveclub's beuty is hard to fully visualize in still gameplay shots. Evolution poured a lot of resources into effect that can be appreciated only in motion, and the difference really shows.

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FsterThnFTL1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Like every other game that has ever existed. Still nice to know the obvious.

Abriael1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Not really. The amount of resources Evolution used on effects that can be noticed only in motion is much higher than the average. If you look at still gameplay screenshots they look *bland*

If you look at the game in motion, it looks incredible.

That's not what "every other game that has ever existed" does.

CaptainPunch1298d ago

Figures much, but do we really need a dozen Driveclub articles on how beautiful the game looks like? I would much rather play the game myself or read a detailed review on the game's features and gameplay.

MysticStrummer1298d ago

I've been watching DC Twitch streams quite a bit today. It does look amazing indeed, and the handling appears to be well done also. One streamer said the handling felt between sim and arcade, but more on the sim side. Looks great fun to me!

@CaptainPunch - Watch the right Twitch streamer and you'll get some good info, though some clearly can't talk and drive at the same time. xD

xHeavYx1298d ago

Last 7 articles related to Driveclub by Dualshockers are all about pictures or videos with a title about how good the game looks. How about doing and interview or something for a change?

jjonez181298d ago

When it comes to Driveclub and Abriael, a picture is literally worth a thousand words. ;)

sparta761298d ago

@heavy what's your problem with daulshockers?
I'm very excited for drive club so whatever information I can get on the game I'm all for it. Kind of silly just to come in here and complain.

nX1298d ago

^To be fair, before release day info like that is welcome since most don't have access to the game themselves. You won't get a review before the embargo lifts (tomorrow?) so some news is better than no news if you ask me, in the end it's still the community who approves all those stories.

xHeavYx1298d ago

In their case, a picture is worth a thousand articles

My problem is that they take 1 interview and make it into 7 different articles that talk about the same thing

ZombieKiller1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Well said Abriael. I agree. The screenshots look like any other racing game to me but when in motion, ESPECIALLY THE SNOW MY GAWD, it really looked incredible!

I'm stoked this gen. I've been waiting for a PS console to get the better end of the stick for a while now. Seems like the PS4 is killing it in that department.
I'm more excited to see the raw power harnessed though. I want these scenes with a bunch of on screen movement to exist without frame rate drops and low rez textures....looks like that time has come! Not to mention it seems like the PS4 runs them best this time around! No more lower rez games or crappier frame rates due to ports. Thankfully!
Lol @ MysticStummers last line (above)! Well said! Haha

th3TrUth1298d ago

Abriael.. Just wanted to say I been reading your comments for 2years now and I have always enjoyed reading thru em!! I recently joined about a week ago!!!

GMW1298d ago

I got a chance to drive a demo of the game, though earlier build, at Hamleys in London, holy cow! It look very impressive and the handling felt very solid with quite a lot of character built into the cars or should I say given off by the cars as I drove them. I drove the Ferrari F12 then the AMG SLS Black Series and could feel the difference. I didn't want to leave but I only had a limited time in London before I had to leave and still had tons of things to do.

Handling is a new balance between sim and arcade. I need to drive more to properly explain it. I guess I have to wait till the end of the week for the official release.

Hellsvacancy1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I'll have to agree with Heavy, DualShockers make articles out of anything

"PS4 exclusive with real life cloth simulation incoming" and that'll be based upon a job listing they've seen somewhere

I like DS but their articles are ten a penny

Edit: Nothing against Abriael, but DS do make ALOT of articles, sometimes out of total nothing

Abriael1298d ago

@xHeavYx: How about we do what we care/can, and you just don't read if you're not interested?

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MysticStrummer1298d ago

Can you not think of any games that look great in screenshots but have FPS issues? I sure can.

mcstorm1298d ago

GT5 is the 1st game I thought of when you said this. the FPS issue in GT5 made me fall out of love with it and part of the reason I did not pickup 6 even though I've heard they fixed this issue in 6.

I do think the looks of DriveClub are having too much said about them. Yes it looks amazing but a racing game has never been about looks for me its all about how it drives.

Ive still not seen anything to make me say wow it looks like it handles amazing but some times its hard to say that on a racing game when your not playing it.

Not long until its out though and ill give it a go.

That said 2014 is a great time to be a racing fan with DC, Horizon 2, Project Cars, The Crew, F1 2015 and Mario Kart 8. If only I had all the time in the world to play game.

Spotie1298d ago

Why are you even here?

Gonna pay mine off this evening. Can't wait for this.

Muzikguy1298d ago

I'm excited for this game, and it's almost here!!! Yes there are a lot of games that look better in motion but there are also a lot that look like poo in motion but a screenshot made it look great.

I'm going to lose so many races!

Blaze9291298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I hear more about this 'game's graphics than i do the 'game'play. Wassup? That's like literally all this 'game's marketing has been - graphics.

Kayant1298d ago

*That is all I have seen. On the opposite I have seen plenty of gameplay impressions and even the recent tv spot ad focuses on it's social aspect like pretty much all it's other ads.

jjonez181298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Graphics is the new buzzword this generation. It's the mantra for most AAA games. But hey, we as consumers, are to blame for devs justifying their games based on how close they get to 1080p/60fps. Consumers want bigger, better, prettier, smoother experiences and it's the publishers job to market it that way.

That being said, I'm sure this game will have solid gameplay, based on the streams, and videos I've seen. Embargo doesn't end till the game releases iirc, so there isn't much that can legally be said besides how amazing it looks.

Angeljuice1298d ago

They make so much of a fuss about the graphics because they're the best in any driving game on any platform ever (including Project cars on PC).
Gameplay is difficult to photograph, plus its a driving game, you know 90% of what you're getting beforehand.

TI_211298d ago

No, the motion blur in DC blurs screenshots but looks great in motion. (D'Uh)

W/o motion blur games look just as good, if not better, in screenshots.

AndrewLB1298d ago

If there was the ability to turn off motion blur, I guarantee you'd be eating those words. The motion blur is being way overdone especially at low speeds which is indicative of "hiding" things.

You can't tell me that this isn't absolute crap.

ziggurcat1297d ago


seems you and ballseye like posting the same, fake image.

nice try, though.

TI_211297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

@AndrewLB Gosh, you misterxmedia guys just try too hard to discredit anything Sony.
It didn't even surprise me where it took me when I did a reverse image search with it...

Angeljuice1298d ago

He wouldn't have commented if it was the same as every other game that ever existed. You seem as stupid as your comment (hope you enjoy me pointing out the obvious).

BallsEye1298d ago

damn...of course it would look better in motion. Don't get the graphics hype. It's quite ugly sometimes. Definately not what first trailers showed. KZ all over again.

ziggurcat1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

nice fake image there, buddy... how long did it take you to find that one?

if you're going to troll, at least show something that's actually from the game.

but i guess you gotta do whatever you can to try and downplay a game that's graphically superior to forza/forza horizon 2...

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jjonez181298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Can't wait to see for myself in 3 days.
I'm at the point where I'm tried of screenshots and watching videos. I just want the game in my hands.

XanderZane1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

We've seen the game in motion though. Yes is looks good. I think I care more about how it plays though, especially online against friends. How many cars are unlocked when you start? What are the modes? Considering these are closed circuit tracks, I'm not surprised that game looks so good. Just want to play it now and see if each car has a different feel, like they do in Horizon 2. Wonder if you can upgrade the cars and tune them.

XanderZane1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

@Gravity_DoGG Yes, you're the one with only 3 bubble to chat with. lol!! Seems your the biggest troll on here. My concerns were absolutely valid. You can't upgrade or tune your cars in DC. The game wasn't even playable online when it launched due to server issues. Only 10 cars are unlocked with 13 tracks in the India continent for the PS+ version. From what reviewers are saying the cars control physics are crap and the A.I. will constantly bump you off the road so you can get the 3sec penalty. So even the gameplay is no where near Horizon 2. Even last gens Forza 4 blows this game away.

Glad I cancelled my preorder after reading this article.

gootimes1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

And like a swarm of locusts the trolls come to every DC article.

Enjoy the FH2 cartoon and we will enjoy a photo realistic racer.


lifeisgamesok1298d ago

More like FH2 owners enjoy a beautiful game that is also a lot of fun to play

ZombieKiller1298d ago

Troll with stealth cloak= stealth troll.

Hey, at least you have 1 agree though!

Father__Merrin1298d ago

DC isn't a cartoon burnout racer with novelty things like lawn mowing , it's a good old fashioned PGR styled track racer. whether this was track or open world it would still look better than horizons

both different games with different goals, Il stick to DC cheers

Krakin11298d ago

Hitting the disagree button was so satisfying.

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Paprika1298d ago

Its one of those games if others are in the same room as you, you're the guy trying to show it off... like woah.. check this out guys, without directly saying it. Subtle... but nobody cares.... you're just a geek.... but you know its awesome.... you're a gamer... they don't understand lol!!!

Ka7be1298d ago

Crystal clear and super smooth gameplay!

tekksin1298d ago

crystal clear my butthole. that's the same footage that's already been posted to N4G in much higher quality gifs and mp4's.

ZombieKiller1298d ago

56K warning tekksin. What internet are you using? I see 1440P on the video.
Crystal clear is pretty clear......not sure about your butthole though. No thanks.

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