Forza Horizon 2: What's a Drivatar, and Why Should I Care?

"If you've been keeping an eye on the gorgeous-looking Forza Horizon 2, you've no doubt seen mention of something called Drivatars. If you're new to the Forza world, this term may seem strange and unfamiliar. Fear not! We are here to explain the whole concept for you."

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poppinslops1328d ago

I miss breastfeeding my Drivatar...


They grow up so fast!

WeAreLegion1328d ago

I don't think I understand the point of drivatars.

system221328d ago

To put it simply, it learns it's creators driving style/habits and then acts as your proxy while you're offline to populate other people's races, provide the a more unpredictable, realistic competitioni it also earns you money for racing in those events so the next time you play, the game tells you what your drivatar was up to and how much it earned for you on your behalf. In fh2 the drivatars also populate the world you can freely drive around in, in addition to competing in events. You can also challenge them for more credits/xp

WeAreLegion1328d ago

Awesome! I love the idea. I've just never had it spelled out so clearly. Thank you and have a helpful bubble!

iistuii1328d ago

I get that however I have a slight problem. I have a very good friend who plays FH2 who by his own admission isn't very good at all. His drivatar raced against me the other day & was damn hard to beat, in fact I only just beat him. Now I'm not sure how all this works, but my pal has NEVER even got close to me in a race, let lone beat me. So my question is, are the drivatars like MS are saying, or are they in fact just AI drivers with random friends gamertags making us believe we're racing against something other than AI. If not, how do you explain how my useless pals drivatars is so good when he's so bad in real life. By the way I'm obsessed with FH2, brilliant game..

IrishSt0ner1328d ago

@iistuii - the in game drivitar racing speed is defined by the difficulty setting.. basically if yours is set to average or highly skilled the drivitars are going perform at that level. The drivitars are more about 'play style' than anything esle so they'll learn how the placer races, such as how clean they race, how they corner etc... It makes the AI much more believable, but it's not akin to the digital version of a friend. I'm always getting nudged or being held of a corning line etc.. the annoying stuff real people do.

DOMination-1328d ago

Does anybody know what happens about drivatars when you play fh2 offline?

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mhunterjr1328d ago

I don't want to sound like a salesman, but it's hard not to when talking about the awesomeness that is the Drivatar.

No longer is the single player racing game filled with the same repetitive AI, that sticks to the racing line at all cost. Instead we have Drivatars that learn behaviors from their owners, and mimic them in the offline races of other gamers. At times, the really do feel like human opponents, and add a level of unpredictability that can't be found elsewhere. In FORZA Horizon two, I've had some epic battles against some Drivatars that had me messaging their owners with Kudos.

What's even more exciting is the prospect of using this same approach in other genres, so that progression is more than just learning how to exploit AI tendencies.

Agent_hitman1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

From what I know, Drivatar records your performance in every race game and record it through the cloud. And the Cloud can use your recorded performance against you via AI.. Correct me if im wrong

Bigpappy1328d ago

Its a bit more complex than that. It actual records your entire race, and stores it on the cloud. It then uses it to control AI vehicle in your or other peoples races. So often, in all forza games, you are racing against other real human drivers even when they are not online.

mhunterjr1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

It's not a recording. Everytime you race, data points representing your performance are uploaded to the cloud. This data is then processed and used to create an AI driver, a drivatar, that mimics your behavior. if you frequently break early, over compensate when drifting, box out as people attempt to pass, you ram opponents at corners etc, your drivatar will do the same.

Once your drivatar is created, it will populate the single player games of other players. So instead of racing against repetive AI, your races will be filled with opponents who behave humanly... For better or worse.

Best of all, the better you are, the better your drivatar will be. While he's off racing in other peoples games, he's earning you credits.

Godz Kastro1328d ago

Drivatars are the best thing to happen to racing since wheels.

mcstorm1328d ago

I have to agree. I am a massive forza fan but I did get bored of the SP mode quickly in 1 to 4 but in 5 even though it was lacking tracks etc compared to the others I played it off line alot more than the others as the Divertars kept racing interesting and made it feel alot more like online racing too rather than being able to predict what the AI would do in every race.

I am hoping that more developers look to use this in more games too as it will make for some interesting games as forza 5 had some grate racing going on with the drivertars.

As for horizon 2 all I can say is Playground really know how to make an open world racer. For me Horizon was the best racing game last gen in terms of just being fun and kept me going back to it but Horizon 2 smashes Horizon in every single way. It looks amazing, Plays even better, Diverters mix up the game play and the weather really adds to the game too.

I think having Playground and Turn 10 working together they way they are with Forza MS & Horizon could really push the Forza name to become bigger than it is.

I do hope they work on a Forza Rally game though as the rallying in Horizon 1 was really good and the off road in Horizon 2 works great too but ide like to see Rally Sport back or Forza Rally and Horizon seems to be the replacement for PGR and a great replacement it is.

lonelyplayer1328d ago

Do you think they can apply this to shooters? Would be interesting

poppinslops1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Titanfall already has...

That said, they're all AI.
The 'human' element is currently resticted to Forza 5 and Horizon.

Perhaps the inevitable Titanfall sequel will pioneer these 'Shootatars'...

GodGinrai1328d ago

My 'shootatar' would absolutely dominate halo, COD, and BF games. :)

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