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We thought it'd be fun to do some group reviews instead of individual reviews on certain big named games. We will make sure that all participants have played the game in question to make things fair and please let us know if there is something you think we could improve.

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CorndogBurglar1294d ago

Do they honestly expect people to watch an hour long review? Thats just obnoxious.

This score is obnoxious as well.

Does the game have its flaws? Absolutely. But if I saw this score on a game I would assume there is something fundamentally wrong with it. Something like poor gameplay, glitches, etc. This is the score of a broken game, which Destiny surely is not.

SuperBlunt1294d ago

A guy from bungie wentb to the bungie forums and leaked proof that literally cut 2/3rds of the game away for dlc and forced them to remove various gameplay systems. I hope Activision goes bankrupt and these crap scores will help

nidhogg1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I had no problems watching. So do you honestly expect that I don't believe that you are just butthurt?

The score is fair. Even Angry Joe scored it a 6 and his reasons were fair.

I am playing the game. It is beautiful and not broken. What is wrong with it? It's like the demo of a game we were made to expect. Activision can suck it. I'd rather grind through Sword Art Online on the Vita than waste hours and hours on a loot cave on remote play.

CorndogBurglar1294d ago

How did i just lose a bubble over this? Are you guys serious?

abradley1293d ago

Hey CorndogBurglar,

If you want a short review, I'm sure there are plenty of other sites or videos you can watch.

The whole point of us creating these group reviews was to get a multi-person review done with discussion on good and bad points that cover a larger segment of the game and its features.

As for the score, you do know that 5/10 is an average game, so anything above that is above average. A broken game, which you can see an example on our site under Line Of Defense Tactics which got a 2.9/10, is a game that has several issues or as you said, is fundamentally broken.

Destiny, as we all agreed on the video, is a game with potential but no long staying worth outside of killing the same mobs again and again for some rare loot. If you've played the game then the chunks of missing gameplay should be pretty visible as well. It is quite obvious that someone has kept parts of the game back for later release, most likely, DLC.

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ITPython1294d ago

I bet these people will give the next COD a 10/10, even if it has all the same problems as Destiny (which they would conveniently overlook).

abradley1293d ago

Hey ITPython,

Obviously you didn't watch the video otherwise you would have heard why we gave it such a low score. Even though we've all had some fun with the game, the underlying issues and lack of content really do mess up the launch of what is suppose to be a 10 year project.

As for COD, you have to be joking right, most of us at AGR are Battlefield fans and even then, there is no 10/10 BF game. In my mind, there is no 10/10 game ever anyway as that would mean the game was literally perfect, something that is pretty much impossible.

DefenderOfDoom21294d ago

Gameplay is awesome ! Yeah , the story is weak , but the co-op is great .

jts18911294d ago

Another bunch of reviewers who repeat the same tired lines. I really, really couldn't care less.

abradley1293d ago

I'm so sorry, did we not point out the flaws of the game, as well as lack of content and silly light system that requires insane amount of grinding on the same old mobs again and again.

If everybody is saying the same thing, maybe there is some truth to what people are saying.

jts18911293d ago

I don't think you know what 'lack of content' means. A primary campaign that takes 16 to 18 hours to complete is not a lack of content. PVP with 9+ maps is not a lack of content. And a silly system that takes an insane amount of grinding?

Please. I play 5 to 10 matches in the Crucible every two days or so, and within a week I'm at level 23. People don't grind to rank up. People grind to try and get legendary and exotic loot.

And when they repeat the same false lines over and over again, it doesn't matter how many people are saying them. It's still false.

abradley1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )


Lack of content may have been the wrong sentence then, maybe it should have said, lack of enjoyable and fresh content, instead of the exact same missions copied and pasted to fill 16 hours of gameplay?

No, players do not just grind for better gear, they grind because the game forces them to if they want to achieve a higher in game level. The only way to go above 20 is via gear, therefore, unless you want to do missions that until recently, were not only completely boring as fuck but also a complete waste of time compared to the rewards given, your driven to loot caves or alternatives just to level your character.

You mean the same when gamers like you defend a game that all of us were looking forward to, despite the evidence that Activision and Bungie have ripped us a new hole when it comes to on disc content. How about the exact same mission structure for 90% of the in story missions? How about the no matchmaking on raids and the sometimes frustratingly unbalanced PvP?

So this is the magical game that you would give 10/10 too? I would hope not. Bungie can do a hell of a lot better and they certainly don't need encouragement from fan boys to keep on ripping customers off.

5.8/10 is a fair score, it has potential but dropped the ball by thinking anything coming out of Bungie's arse shines like gold.

TM3331294d ago

People are still trying to use low Destiny scores as click bait. Notice this one is daring enough to dip below the 6 mark.... Wooooooo! LOL. Don't bother.

abradley1293d ago

Lol, thanks but no thanks.

We decided to try out the idea of Group Reviews and Destiny just happened to be a game at least three of us had played. So we started with Destiny.

If you checked out the website attached above you would have found that we each gave a score which then made the final average score. We didn't pre-determine the score and instead left it up to individual scores to show our own final thoughts on the game.

I'm sorry that you think this is click bait but it isn't. We were hoping the idea would make a more complete review rather than the same old one man bands that most sites provide.