Smash 3DS Sells Out in Japan, How to Unlock All Characters, Game Impressions – WiR 10/4/14

Super Smash Bros. 3DS just hit North America, and Shawn can't stop playing it. In the latest Week in Review, he goes over some Smash-Centric news, tells you how to unlock all characters, and much more!

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98xpresent1411d ago

This game is gonna boost Wii U sale for sure

GoPanthers9991411d ago

Maybe, folks seem to prefer the PS4 for whatever their reasons are. I have X1 and Wii U, they both have great games and more incoming.

MSBAUSTX1411d ago

I predict a bigger boost than we saw with Mario Kart. I also forsee huge boosts to Wii U around the holidays since you will be able to get two games two controllers and the system in a bundle for 100 dollars less than a PS4 that doesnt come with squat.

Sure Sony will have bundle but priced at $420 or so. $299 for multiple games and two controllers is going to sell like hot cakes this year for the kids and the adults when the holidays roll around. Going to be a strong finish for Nintendo.

HmongAmerican1411d ago

WOW, if that true then I will start saving money to get that bundle.

Realplaya1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I would love to see Nintendo offer Smash Wii U as a holiday campaign bundle. What I would like to see them do in America at least is offer specific Bundles like they did with Best buy and game stop.

Best Buy Wii U + Smash + Yoshi or Donkey Kong Gamecube controller and Amiibo.
Walmart Wii U +Smash + Princess Peach controller and Amibo or Wii Fit Amiibo
Target Wii U + Smash +Luigi or Kirbi Game Cube controller and Amiibo
Games Stop Same thing except choices are Mario,
Metroid, Link.

TV commercial should have emphasis on store exclusive bundles.

benji1011410d ago

This is the fourth time I have seen the "Smash sold out in Japan" news story. It is bs. The game sold out for one day, 3 weeks ago.

benji1011410d ago

Fatal frame 5 sold out in Japan. True story.

benji1011410d ago

love how i get a disagree for posting real news.