Five reasons why you should give the PS Vita a second chance

The PlayStation Vita is undergoing something of a resurgence, not just in new sales, but also with gamers who already own one. Where it might have been discarded for a while after the initial flurry of interest on launch, it is now rapidly becoming a much used device and essential to throw in a rucksack when travelling.

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CerealKiller1412d ago

I am not hatin' but honestly I don't think themes and authors description of "triple-A" titles are convincing arguments. The other 3 are good though if you are into indies and remote play (although I don't get the point of remote play unless they start to allow you to stream games from somewhere other than your home.)

KillerResistance1412d ago

if u hav a bluetooth or internet connection, u can stream it from anywhere. A sick boy at the hospital played PS4 from his Vita. his ps4 was all the way at home.

CerealKiller1412d ago

Oh wow I was not aware of that, that is awesome!

ReLLiK1412d ago

I think there's a lot that goes into that feature working smoothly. It is cool that it can be done, but it's not that great unfortunately. I tried using remote play 5 ferry from my ps4 so my gf could watch TV and I was getting really bad lag and tearing issues. So I couldn't even imagine what it would be like on a different WiFi network.

Stsonic1412d ago

I don't think Bluetooth its all over WiFi?

It works well for me playing in bed, mg biggest problem is using the touch for l2 and r2

mikeslemonade1412d ago

Sony needs to kill it and take the loss. Don't be wasting assets on developing for the Vita.

I tried to trade in my Vita for $160 but I couldn't since my serial sticker came off -_-

Great piece of hardware but Sony can't go all out on it with there money. Focus on PS4 and not PS3/Vita.

ABizzel11412d ago

I don't need a second chance, because I have the first and it's still a great little handheld.

If you're not sure about the Vita or don't think you want the Vita, then my advice is to get the PSTV for $100 instead. You get a mini secondary PS4 (via remote play), and a PSV all for $100, and you can finally take advantage of all those Vita games that come to PS+, so you don't really have to buy any games for it, unless you want to.

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bambam19011412d ago

I did remote play from Florida to New York. You need to hardwire PS4 to a fast network and connect Vita via wi-fi to another fast network. I had no lag and uploaded a Resogun video to Facebook.

iSuperSaiyanGod1411d ago

How did you turn the system on & off ? Also how did you use another network I thought you had to use the same? ..

bambam19011411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

The PS4 has to be left in standby. It won't work if it's turned off. There is a setting on PS4 where you have to select to connect over the internet, rather than connect locally. As long as you have a fast network at home and the PS4 is connected with an ethernet cable, remote play will work anywhere over the internet as long as the network you're connecting to is high speed. My home network is 20 GB/second. When I was in New York, the network I was connected to was also at least that fast. When I tried to connect at a store down the block from my house, it wouldn't work because their internet was too slow. Hope this helps. Also make sure to have a strong connection over wi-fi for better performance. It takes optimal conditions, but it does work.

3-4-51412d ago

Disgaea 4 on Vita is awesome.

I love the needs more games though honestly..

OB1Biker1412d ago

Yea I agree the article is not perfect but its nice to see nowadays while so many people feel compelled to post hate or doom and gloom opinions about the Vita. True things could be way better but come on, cant people understand the Vita has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a handheld and keep the users happy for a long time

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HentaiMasterRace1412d ago

P4G should have been a reason on its own. Also themes? Really?

scark921412d ago

Yeah I want a Vita for that game, I hear great things!

DualWielding1412d ago

yes...... P4G is the reason to own the Vita, the problem is is the only truly compelling one... the Vita has good games, but P4G is the only Vita exclusive that is truly can't miss

HentaiMasterRace1411d ago

No, there are others, but P4G is a true reason.

Spotie1411d ago

Odd, then, that Gravity Rush was my compelling reason.

DualWielding1411d ago

@Spotie I love Gravity Rush, but I would have not bought the system just for it

TXIDarkAvenger1412d ago

Five reasons Sony should give the Vita a chance as a handheld and not an accessory for PS4.

OB1Biker1412d ago

I think it has with many games available, but the consumers have to give it a chance theres no mystery

lelo2play1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Sony has already admitted they gave up on the Vita. They said they wouldn't make any more AAA games for it, similar to Uncharted or Killzone. Vita is dead... or almost there.
It's a pity. Vita is quite a nice piece of hardware.

Inception1412d ago

"They said they wouldn't make any more AAA games for it, similar to Uncharted or Killzone"

Nope. Yoshida said they still make AAA games for it. But the quantity will be less compare to 1st / 2nd year.

Beside, good AAA vita games like Killzone Merc or Tearaway sold horribly. So i understand why sony decided to put most of their studios on PS4 rather than making more unique games for vita.

"Vita is dead... or almost there"

Nope, i doubt it. A lot of 3rd party support it with exclusive and multiplats. As long as they still support it, combine with one or two AAA games from sony every year than i can see vita will life more than 5-6 years until sony stopped the production.

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