Halo: The Master Chief Collection At EGX 2014

Mark got a chance to play some multiplayer on 343's remaster of the Halo series at this year's EGX in London. Check out his view on the game!

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GearSkiN1386d ago

My bday 11th Nov nuff said ;]

General Shrooms1386d ago

Literally the only reason to own a Xbox one. The chance to play Halo 2 again is tempting.


Literally the only reason for ME to own xbox one. The change to play halo 2. *Fixed*

Kavorklestein1386d ago

Dude... just no.
There's plenty of value in the Xbox one... and yes, Master Chief Collection is the BEST reason to own an xbox one, followed by EA access. 5+ games for 30 bucks.... Mcc is the first big reason to own one this Holiday Season, it's the first big game since Titanfall, and it's one of the first of Many good games exclusively coming to Xbox One.

No need to minimize a console's worth just because YOU don't see it for what it is.

kevnb1386d ago

Remaster is such a great marketing term, it's like an awesome way of saying its a well done port.

rapidturtle1386d ago

Looking forward to this game. Playing on all of those maps is going to be awesome.

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