Driveclub Weather Pictures Give a Glimpse on Impressive Snow and Rain on PS4

Driveclub is going to get wet after release with a patch that will add snow and rain, and today at a community event at Evolution Studios a demo of both conditions was showcased.

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Rik_Mayall1417d ago

Dualshockers are the ultimate Driveclub shill.

Eonjay1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I have never seen such a coordinated attack on a single game lol. And who uses words like "shill". This isn't politics, this is a video game :)

amiga-man1416d ago

Say what you want but there is no denying the incredible graphics this game is pushing.

I was going to try the free PS+ version but the effort they have put into this game deserves my money and I will be buying it day one.

ScaryMonkey1416d ago

"I have never seen such a coordinated attack on a single game"

Then you obviously haven't been following the media smear campaign lead by IGN against The Order 1886, seems like a lot of outlets are doing everything they can to kill Sony exclusives before they ever come out by putting out bad press. Apparently a lot of people fear the megatons Sony has coming.

morganfell1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I agree concerning The Order. The fear they have for that game is without peer.

But let's go back further. The wave of attacks on Heavenly Sword were unequalled. Of course a former Xbox title going to the PS3 really blistered certain persons and they took it out on the game with their cheap websites and moronic claims of the game's brevity. Amazing but no one on my friends list could come within 3 hours of the times some writers claimed.

Amazingly they handled Uncharted quite differently. By far and large it was ignored. And by ignored I do not mean left alone but rather given very little press. They knew there was no angle at which to come at the game so they just blacked it out. Only when Uncharted 2 come out were they forced to back up and consider the game.

NeoGamer2321416d ago

The concern I have is that reviews are not being released early for this game. I agree it has the best graphics of any racer to date, but that is all that has been really showcased about this game to date. They focus on pretty not the game itself.

I don't see the Order stuff as a smear campaign. I think a lot of people were disappointed with the E3 demo. Personally, my impressions of the game went from very positive to average as I watched the demo.

I am not saying DriveClub and Order won't be good. But, after Watch Dogs, Titanfall, and Destiny I think people are becoming a lot more cautious about hyping games as 10 before they are released.

morganfell1416d ago


Yes that is what you are saying:

And your bias against Sony is pretty clear. You are fooling no one. Your post history of praising MS and attacking Sony is there for all the world to see.

NeoGamer2321416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

What's wrong with saying what you think about a game? I believe DriveClub had no intention of shipping on day one. You don't get three weeks before a ship date then delay a game a year without knowing it was not ready to ship. I am a manager for software development. I would get my ass fired if I came to a client three weeks before the ship date and said the software would take another year.

And I am concerned about DriveClub because it has been delayed a year and unlike Forza Horizon 2, reviews are not being released early to validate the hype. And to date there has been very little focus on gameplay and tons of focus on how pretty the game is.

That is not anti-Sony... That is trust with validation which all consumers should apply. I did specifically say in my original comment that I wasn't saying the games would be bad. I am just saying we need to wait and see rather than assuming because it is sony and it is pretty it is automatically good.

morganfell1416d ago

There is nothing wrong with saying what you think. What is wrong is saying you beleive one thing but have already stated in the very short past you beleive something else. That means you are being dishonest for a reason. You either think the game will fail, you are impartial and waiting to see how it does, or you beleive it will be the cat's meow. You can't have two of the threee which is what you are attempting to do.

Don't pretend you are not anti-Sony. Have you looked at your own post history? Do you not realize how others view your remarks? I came back here after getting 3 PMs from different people about your comments. You may see yourself one way biut thatis not how you appear to others nor is it in fact your modus operandi. Your post history has revealed that truth.

geddesmond1416d ago


Are you really that surprised. The media has been against sony since the start of the PS3 era. Its nothing new. But no matter all the hate Sony has proved themselves over and over again and the people buying their games know they'll recieve a great experience. I still ask people why they hate KZ and none of them have ever given me an answer thats reasonable.

gangsta_red1414d ago

I love it,

I love this whole "everybody hates Sony games" campaign you guys keep alive. I love your own blurred version of how the media treated sony games in the past.

I mean lets not mention or remember the many GOTY, hype, and anticipation and praise a lot of sony games got all last year.

No, lets focus on the little criticism some of the games got and for good reason. Lets turn that into a media hated Sony campaign.


One quick stroll through your history and we can see how you hate everything non-sony. As usual for this site, the ones with 8 or more bubbles are usually the hardcore pro sony fans.

morganfell1414d ago


Not very sharp are you? Not at all. YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT.

It is called being honest. I always hold to one course. Others may not like it, but I do not attempt to paint myself as an Xbox fan and then attack MS the next. I support Sony. Period. I do not waver. It is called honesty. I do not lie and tell everyone I am Mr Objectivity and then actually play only one side. In fact I have even openly stated I am a Sony fanboy a hundred times on this site. You didn't need to have seen that to have understood the entire purpose of my remarks.

Hellen frickin' Keller pal.

You missed the very point of my entire discussion. How blind do you have to be not to see that? Fail out of school? Not succeeding in life? Whatever the case is your outlook isn't very positive when you miss the central point of a discussion.

My issue with the other poster was his attempting to wear two faces. You just do not get the plain facts that are sitting in the open, do you.

I love it when someone butts into a discussion with no clue of what is occurring, does not take the few minutes to study the situation, and instead jumps in with both feet and completely pwns themselves.

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AlphaBlackWolf961416d ago

And you are the ultimate game hating shill. Congratulations.

CuddlyREDRUM1416d ago

Or he has some simple self respect as a gamer.

gootimes1416d ago

All this article is talking about is the realistic weather in the game when it is patched.

No gamer would hate on a game this much, only a jealous troll.

FlunkinMonkey1416d ago

Ha, at least shills usually get paid.. You just sit on your backside creating new accounts all day, logging in and out.. Probably looking through your list of fake email accounts to see which one to comment with this morning..


HaveAsandwich1416d ago

yea, but its a good game. if it were shite, then i'd agree.

DigitalRaptor1416d ago

LOL, okay.

I've heard the same thing about DualShockers being a Sony shill too, which has already been debunked since they always cover the breadth that gaming news has to offer including Xbox, Nintendo, iOS, PC, etc.

I'm glad they are covering it in such detail, because it looks like it's being largely ignored by many of the other larger gaming sites. That is, until the reviews come out.

imt5581416d ago

Finally! It's downloading!!!! :)

geddesmond1416d ago

Sensitivity 101. Ah whats the matter can you not play this game because its not on your consol. Ah here take a little tissue. At least you have Forza Horizon 2. So wipe them little tears.

slasaru011415d ago

This is also the 4th driveclub news in the header.
They don't have other news

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Eonjay1416d ago

Is there a timeline for when we can expect these additions?

bambam19011416d ago

Just saw an article that said December

Richny1416d ago

They are kinda going over board with all these drive club articles

CaptainPunch1416d ago

They should at least change up the thumbnails.

uth111416d ago

true, but this site does that for every impending AAA release. It was worse for Destiny and TLOU:R

Paprika1416d ago

Hits. Hits, hits, hits, hits, hits, hits, hits ,tits, hits, hits, hits, hits, hits, hits.

Gotta love them hits!

lemoncake1416d ago

I would love to see lots of realistic snow in games this gen.

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