Fanatec Releasing 360 to One Adapter and New Wheels For Xbox One

Engadget reports on Fanatec's announcement over Facebook that they will be releasing an adapter for their 360 racing wheels and will also soon release brand new wheels for the Xbox One as well. More information inside.

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Foehammer1415d ago

Great news for fans of Fanatec, both new purchasers and owners of the 360 wheel.

Bigpappy1415d ago

Yeah, I like their products.

badz1491415d ago

If only Logitech is doing the same for theirs on the PS4. I hope Sony will come out with the adapter themaelves if Logitech refuse to come out with a solution.

sourav931415d ago

There IS an adapter that allows the use of a g27 with the ps4. It's called Cronusmax. It allows the use of any controller with any console. Look it up.

VonBraunschweigg1415d ago


Any console but the PS4. A PS4 apperently checks every 30 secs (or 10 mins, not sure) if the controller in use has a certain chip, no chip means no play. And the Cronusmax only has 1 input. Perhaps if someone builds an adapter for this adapter;)

Bastards really thought this trough. Except one thing: there's a lot of PS racefans that haven't bought their PS4 yet because of this.

badz1491415d ago

I remember last year before the consoles are released, there was uproar about the Xbone not gonna support 360's peripherals and the PS4 was gonna be the same. I tweeted Yoshida asking specifically about the Logitech wheels but never got any reply. Kinda sad to find out the answer like this.

AutoCad1415d ago

dammit dammit dammit

just recently sold my $600 csr setup for a g27 and the adapter.

system221415d ago

Amen. That really made me mad that they weren't compatible.

objdadon1415d ago

Son of a b!#ch! I gave my fanatec setup to my son!

Bathyj1415d ago

Now that's the way to do it. Good work. You paying attention Logitech and Sony? You're really sourring my anticipation for racing games this gen.

VonBraunschweigg1415d ago

Amen to that. DriveClub will be out this week, supporting not 1 but 2 wheels...the TS300 no one has and the T80 no one wants, because it's utter garbage. The official DriveClub wheel.

Next month we see Project Cars. It supports all our Logitechs, but only on PC. And not a single word from Sony, Evolution, Shuhei Yoshida, nobody. Like it doesn't matter.

It matters everything for racingfans.

lsujester1415d ago

It also supports the T500, BTW. Interestingly enough, that also goes to show the "security chip" story is at least partly BS because those came out before the PS4 was even announced.

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