Hands-on with Lords of the Fallen: Is it anything like Dark Souls? (Digital Spy)

For one, it's in the controls. It's very similar to what Souls fans have hardwired into them, with shoulder buttons offering both light and heavy attacks and the raise of a defensive shield, the same layout of face buttons will consume a limited stock of potions or roll you out of the way, and a click of the right stick that will lock onto the nearest enemy.

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thorstein1141d ago

Why would it be? I think it is like Lords of the Fallen. Which means that it is its own game with its own storyline and developer.

When looking at any game you should go in with no expectations whatsoever.

Kos-Mos1141d ago really think that?

Vegamyster1140d ago

The developers from the game said they took inspiration from Dark Souls while trying to add their own thing, he said it takes it as a complement when it's compared to DS.

jobboy1141d ago

i hope they get rid of the screen tearing....i'm so tempted to preorder this game!!

starchild1141d ago

Well, there is a PC version so you could always get that if you have the option.

nucky641140d ago

there's no guarantee that pc version will be better.

Edvin19841140d ago

@nucky64 while on PC he can force V-sync even if the game does not offer it with the gnu driver. Even though I have a very high end system I will get this for the PS4 due to the fact its a game id like to play while on my couch with a controller.

@jobboy I am sure the screen tearing will remain to some degree in the final product unless they offer a locked frame rate in the game. Which in my opinion for a game like this it would be fine.

BiggCMan1141d ago

Because some screen tearing is such a great reason to turn down great games!!

Aon1140d ago

I hope LotF will be good inspiration from DS games. This game have a big potential to be one of the best RPG game on this year. I will be very happy if LotF will be better than DS, we will see in this month.

Joher1134d ago

Release day Lords of the Fallen is so close and I'm very happy about that. I feel this challenging and dynamic combat, dark world. I hope when this game will comes out everything will be fixed and we get finished game.

ThePowerpuffGirl1134d ago

Inspiring the games that already exist, it is probably nothing wrong. In the end, not copied the whole game. And I met with the opinion that during the game blurs the similarity. LoF will just LoF, nothing else. And it is not surprising that the LoF is the most awaited premiere of the year.

riverside6661132d ago

agree with you, and it is also a proof that this game is not regarded as a poor clone of the DS, and something that can be compared on an equal footing with the game, if not better for the players because I must admit that sometimes DS surprised me at certain moments so forcibly trying to make this game not to pass.