14 Things You Might Not Know About Driveclub

There’s been a lot of talk about how good Driveclub looks, but what is it really like to play?

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acharlez1298d ago

Ditto. Very educational. :)

Can't say I'll be playing this game, though.

bouzebbal1298d ago

great article! makes me want it even more! night driving is crazy

Perjoss1297d ago

in that gallery 5 and 13 just look incredible!

Blaze9291298d ago

"Things You Might Not Know About Driveclub"

well since no one talks about anything but graphics regarding this game, this was a very helpful article.

ScaryMonkey1298d ago

"well since no one talks about anything but graphics regarding this game"

I feel like that's probably the same reason I know nothing about Ryse.

imt5581298d ago

I noticed some misinformation.

Slide #8 - You can't change difficulty settings.

Yes you can! Here ( one of the example in video ) :

Slide #9. This is screenshot ( http://cdn1-www.craveonline... ) from Project CARS!

Screenshot is old year and a half ( even before Driveclub announcement ) :

Pintheshadows1298d ago

This is a very good article. I was wondering about driver customisation. I am really looking to having this in my hands soon.

snookiegamer1298d ago

cool info...can't wait to get Driveclub! ;)

Baccra171298d ago

So it might handle like Ridge Racer after all?

JonnyBigBoss1298d ago

I can't confirm or deny if it plays like Ridge Racer.

But it probably maybe likely plays like Ridge Racer (NOT UNBOUNDED, though).

esemce1298d ago

I'm guessing it's similar to MSR/PGR and nothing like ridge racer.

Insomnia_841298d ago

From what I've seen on a few streams, no.

MysticStrummer1298d ago

Like Insomnia said, according to the streams I've watched… no. It's more toward the sim end of the handling spectrum than it is arcade.

Viryu1298d ago

Kind of a shame that the weather patch won't come out until December. I was really hoping to play in winter climates already XD

gootimes1298d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I really want to drive in that realistic weather.

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The story is too old to be commented.