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Gamesradar- Is Alien: Isolation for everyone? Perhaps not. If you demand reassurance, telegraphed threats, predictable solutions, and an inherent, hand-holding sense of ‘fairness’, you might find the experience too much to handle. But those of you brave enough--those of you tired of existing video game approximations of survival and horror, and craving a real test of your skills, instincts and nerves--will find a bounty of thrilling, engrossing, profoundly fulfilling rewards. If you truly embrace it, then during its most powerful moments, Alien: Isolation will probably make you feel more alive than a video game has in years.

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Insomnia_841409d ago

Good reviews all around. From what I've seen in some streams, it's a game I'd have fun with. I will give this a try.

robtion1409d ago

Gamesradar is now on my radar(see what I did there).

I really enjoyed their Shadow of Mordor and Alien: Isolation reviews and looking back at older reviews they seem pretty fair.

The game looks great, day 1 buy for me.

ZombieGamerMan1409d ago

This review gives me a stiffy to play this game, can not wait for october 7

Plagasx1408d ago

Ooooooo I'm turned on by your comment.. Ooooooo yea

ironfist921409d ago

Its becoming more and more apparant that with all these high scores, Gamespot and IGN probably sucked so hard at the game they decided to whine about it instead of praising the game as it deserves.

Stsonic1409d ago

I am nearly complete with this game, its taken all my time from Friday till now to get to the end on hard mode.

Its a great game one of the toughest I ever played. how people can complain a game is to long I will never know, they must enjoy being fleeced by dlc.

Pintheshadows1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

That IGN review is sounding more and more off by the minute. It just seems that he wasn't very good at it and didn't get that you aren't meant to be able to defend yourself from the Alien. That is the whole point.

Not to mention the fact that he criticised the Aliens 'unpredictable' AI. That is kind of the point. It is a predatory alien.

pwnsause_returns1409d ago

I've seen lots of 8s and 9s for this game, yet, ign and gamespot gave this game below a 7..... I'm getting this game...those guys can go to hell

MasterCornholio1409d ago

What I hated the most was that review where the guy complains that the game doesn't have enough guns in it. I thought WTF the developers wanted to pay tribute to the first film they didn't want to replicate Aliens Colonial Marines with this game. I'm so glad that the game turned out well and I'll probably get it now.

pwnsause_returns1409d ago

Yea..that was the original intent of this game. I hate it when reviewers don't take that into account.

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