When the Gaming Media Changed: Memories of Garwulf's Corner

"Permit me to explain. Back around October 2000, in the wake of the upcoming publication of my very first book (an e-book titled Diablo: Demonsbane), I pitched a radical idea to one of the people running the fansite a regular column running every two weeks covering video game issues. Not reviews or strategy guides, but issues. The column would be named Garwulf's Corner, after one of my characters.

At the time, this concept was revolutionary. Consider the video game media today. It has its scandals, but it also has a lot of breadth and depth in the types of writing you'll encounter. There's industry news, analysis, criticism, op-ed pieces, reviews, previews, and the occasional strategy guide. There are more and more videos with commentary and analysis. But, back then, it was a different world."

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