Opinion: The New-Gen Promise Fulfilled

Gamers who have followed the hobby for many years are familiar with the strange phenomenon that comes with a new generation of consoles and games. First we get the big promises from console makers and publishers about all the ways in which this new generation is going to change everything. Next comes the reality of games as they release, as they often fail to match the soaring hype connected to them. And later, perhaps a couple of years into a generation’s life cycle, the reality catches up to the promised potential, and a number of games begin to tap the full power of the new systems.

So where are we now? Somewhere right in the middle. Several recently released games offer a glimpse of the fun on the way in the coming years, but still struggle with the scope and ambition afforded by new console and PC power, as well as the mammoth team sizes used to create such games. Even so, these titles have lots to enjoy in their own right, and they get me excited about what’s to come.

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