Slender: The Arrival Terrifies on Xbox 360

Outside Xbox: "Slender: The Arrival, is a sequel to Slender, the game that dumps you in the middle of a dark forest and tasks you with collecting pages while being stalked by the gangly horror known as Slenderman. The sequel shares a similar premise, but adds a creepy story, new gameplay mechanics and an even greater sense of creeping dread. Watch us get scared witless in this Xbox 360 gameplay."

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DarkOcelet1329d ago

Lol i didnt know that this got released on 360/ps3 . I gotta play that game right now . October looks really good . Alien Isolation , The Evil within and now Slender . Guess i will be stalked alot :) .

scark921329d ago

I do not even know if there will be a current gen release but only a PS3/Xbox 360 release.. but I sure hope it does come, it looks interesting!!