The Evil Within Reinventing the Horror Game: EGX 2014 Hands-on Preview | IBT

IBT: "I can already see what will become of The Evil Within. Reviewers will call it cliched and boring; players will bemoan its clunky controls and camera. Mark my words – this is a game that won't get the credit it deserves."

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DarkOcelet1329d ago

Reviewers called Deadly Premonition , boring ,cliched , controls were clunky and so was the camera and the driving mechanics were dated but it became one of my favourite games last gen and to me it was 10/10 . What i am saying is go with your instincts when it comes to games because journalists are becoming more and more untrustworthy . And this and Alien Isolation were day 1 to begin with me because i know they will deliver exactly what i want from these types of games . And i am really glad they are going with old school approach with these two games because honestly gamers are getting way too spoiled by these extremely easy games .

Plagasx1329d ago

I'm praying to god that this game is nothing short of greatness.

We haven't had a good AAA horror game since the first Dead Space.

Biohazard88601329d ago

Day 1 f#ck the reviews... Getting this day one.

DeadlyOreo1329d ago

Agreed. One of my most anticipated games, 9 days to go!

Yokan1329d ago

I am on the same exact page as you I hope it does well because ONE Mikami deserves it and TWO th elast big title to be full survival horror game to be out was Dead Space and that was 2008.

Ashunderfire861328d ago

Uh Alien Isolation right now is that AAA horror. Just ignore ign, gamespot, gametrailers, polygon and read metacritic 83.

Master-H1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

This game seems like a natural progression after RE4, which is a game i enjoyed immensely, none of that RE5 crap. Will buy it next year probably once i get some money and it's in the 40$ mark, regardless of reviews, especially big sites' reviews.

theshredded1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

day 1,any game recommended by mr.kojima is a must buy for me

Agent20091329d ago

When did he recommend it?

Chard1329d ago

I just googled "Kojima Evil Within" and found this;

Muzikguy1329d ago

I read that and Kojima wonders what he should do with his game. I hope that doesn't mean it's still so far off! I'm looking forward to that one too :/

Muzikguy1329d ago

I'm so excited for this game, I just can't wait for the 14th to get here! Day 1!!!

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