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Hyrule Warriors is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you take control of various characters from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise and use them to wreck the faces of many, many monsters. You’ll do this with an arsenal of incredibly devastating attacks and weaponry, slaying dozens of enemies per combo and racking up insane kill counts. It’s a Warriors game, in other words. What’s surprising is how well the formula works with in the context of the Legend of Zelda, which has traditionally been focused on methodical puzzle-solving rather than combat. The injection of a little more action into the mix is just what the (slightly aging and creaky) Zelda franchise needed to shake things up a little.

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explicitbaron1265d ago

Solid review. I'm curious if people who play this game will try out the Dynasty Warriors series.

Lucreto1265d ago

I played 2 or 3 Dynasty Warriors games but I couldn't get into them. I love Hyrule Warriors.

I think the setting plays a huge part in it for me. Being in Hyrule with recognisable characters made the game more fun for me.