I Want To Play Video Games, Not Grind Through "Content"

Earlier this week, Techland announced that its new zombie-killing adventure Dying Light will have "50+ hours of gameplay." Some might considering this good news. Yannick LeJacq doesn't—at least at face value.

Why? Because 50 hours is a long f--- time to spend in any video game, and Yannick LeJacq doesn't trust Techland enough as a developer to believe they know how to guide me through such a slog gracefully. Yannick LeJacq took me roughly half that time to play their last zombie game, Dead Island Riptide. Yannick LeJacq loved the first few hours, and couldn't stand the rest.

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anticlimax1299d ago

Despite being on Kotaku, and despite the poster putting the text above in third person like a ten year old, this is actually not a bad article.

I do agree that developers are delving into the grinding mechanic too much. An endless amount of dungeons to clear doesn't feel like extra content. A thousand collectibles (that's you Assassins Creed) do not add significantly to the game. There's too much filler, not enough 'content' has substance.

ramiuk11299d ago

yeah although i dod end up collecting things they never give anything extra.
but i hav been playing S of mordor and it has artifacts etc that you collect,it gives xp as a bonus so it does help u level up.
thats what they should all do imo and you get a special blade,gun etc for completing the collection.

anticlimax1298d ago

Well in my Shadow of Mordor, I did some serious collecting, expecting to unlock a quest or story, but nothing. Not when I collected the items with story, not when I completed the mural, not when I reforged my weapons.

Just giving Xp feels cheap. That's grinding to me.

(ps I did it, because the orc killing is really great fun, and I needed to justify it by collecting things.)

poppinslops1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Assassin's Creed has the BEST collectibles around!

Black Flag alone had Sea Shanties, codex pages, period manuscripts, messages in bottles (which are FASCINATING) and old-school treasure-maps...
It's one of the few games I've ever 100% finished.

Destiny is the Dark Lord of Grindcore.

WeAreLegion1299d ago

I agree with all of that.

1298d ago
poppinslops1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Yeah, 100 fragments was a bit much...

Thing is, I play those games with the HUD turned off...
That means using the map (and occasionally the sun!) to navigate over long distances.

In Black Flag I'd plan a route that ran by as many collectibles as possible, so when the story ended I'd already gotten 90% of them.
Also, I'm a bit of a fashionista, so getting those Templar robes was an immediate priority...

I understand that most people wouldn't play this way.
But I'd recommend giving it a go - the SSI and Eagle Vision should cover you for most situations.
Ultimately, I think the game looks better and offers a more rewarding challenge (especially the Naval Battles).

sjaakiejj1299d ago

"despite the poster putting the text above in third person like a ten year old"

The poster did that in accordance with the N4G posting guidelines:

"When copying text from the source article make sure you read over the text and edit it if necessary. A good example is when a site writes "We" or "I" , as this should then be replaced with the site's or person's name, or you can quote the source. "

anticlimax1298d ago

Well you learn something new everyday. It looks really stupid, but it's not the posters fault. My apologies.

Basenumber161299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Game play length is important to a 15 year old with very little money. The type of gameplay length is also very important collectibles not so much (for most) length of core gameplay with unique backgrounds or game mechanics maybe.

Clown_Syndr0me1299d ago

Irs important to me as a 23 year old with a family to support.
I actually appreciate collectibles and other "extra content" as it means I can spend alot more time on one game and I feel I get my moneys worth.
People complaining don't seem to realise that its all optional, in fact they don't even have to play the game at all if it bothers them that much.

anticlimax1298d ago

It's all optional but if developers claim they have say a 100 hours of content, and twenty of those hours consist solely of collecting things that do not influence the storyline in any significant way, I feel that's a misrepresentation.

(Even if it's technically content, I'd prefer if devs talked about meaningful content).

1298d ago
Spotie1298d ago

How in the hell is that misrepresenting anything? They didn't claim it was a hundred hours of story content.

And the meaning is assigned by each individual. I'm not a perfectionist, so it matters little to me, but a platinum trophy is everything to others. Who are you to decide what meaning certain content has to other gamers?

N4g_null1299d ago

When did collecting become a skill? Is this virtual consumerism? When are malls going to charge you $30 to find merchandise to buy? When did we forget what video games where. It's no wonder we would rather fight in forums than celebrate games. Many just are not having fun.

Clown_Syndr0me1299d ago

If you're not having fun then why are you playing?
No one is forcing you.

N4g_null1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Actually you are proving my point. I understand you don't have much money. We use to rent when that was a issue. The problem is your logic is good replay value last for years. Most games I own are in heavy rotation. Yet you are claiming you only want a few hours of play out of your game. I think your standards are to low when it comes to game play. Content as in story and art where never the point of gaming. It is similar to having a wife to look at her instead of interacting and maybe having some kids.

Basically we want it all and gameplay has just been very lacking. Finally someone is taking about it. How you can spend 200 million and the game is not fun is crazy.

Oh I'm playing. Mostly on the wiiu. Mostly skill based games also. I have a ps3 for god of war but nothing else is fun. I really don't like tlou or uncharted. So yeah I'm not playing these games and I won't be getting a ps4 till some true game play driven games come out for it. I'm actually a little tired of waiting for something fun to play. Unfortunately I'm not tricked by hype as much since I actually have experience making games.

Hey if you want to defend mediocrity blame yourself next time you waste money on that next hyped game. This article obviously isn't for you. Yet this is the main reason the ps4 isn't at 20 million right. People like me will spend a grand on a video card just to have uhd this year but not if there is no need.

Come on sony we are begging you to make something the gamers want to play!

mogwaii1299d ago

Bloody destiny! Talk about grinding!

poppinslops1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Players should start singing old slave tunes while they play...

"10 years grinding" by Sir Poppin of Slops (key of E)

Oh lawdy
(ten years grinding)
I left my wife to play

So boring
(10 years grinding)
Was this my destinaaaayyyyy?

averagejoe261298d ago

At least you're getting something for it.

"Grinding" to collect trophies and a 100% completion is a waste of player's time.

thricetold1298d ago

The sad part is that there are many folks who would argue otherwise. These are probably the same folks who buy season passes to pay for content they should have been playing instead of collecting.

Claudinho691298d ago

then dont play that kind of game, other people love to do it.....

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