Why EDGE gave Bayonetta 2 a perfect score

In this month’s issue of EDGE, the magazine handed out one of the first western verdicts for Bayonetta 2. PlatinumGames’ newest title earned a perfect 10 / 10 mark, making it one of only 17 games to have been awarded with a perfect score.

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FsterThnFTL1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

The wrestler EDGE game Bayonetta 2 a perfect score because he is the R-Rated superstar and Bayonetta 2 is a very R-Rated game, hence the 10/10. Wish it was on Next-Gen consoles & PC as well. More people should get to play it.

Theyellowflash301235d ago

The only reason this game exists is because Nintendo funded it. Otherwise it would have been dead.

If more people want to play it, then more people need to buy a Wii U. Just like how Nintendo fans need to buy a second system to play a lot of third party games.

vishmarx1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

VVVVV to all below

wii u is a nex gen console .period
can i play any of the nex gen games on it like dragon age, far cry , ac, witcher , mgs, the order, mordor ,arkham knight , evolve ect? no. period.

then it couldnt matter less what 'gen' it is.

"If more people want to play it, then more people need to buy a Wii U. Just like how Nintendo fans need to buy a second system to play a lot of third party games."
what a pathetic statement
would you stand by it if wii u became the successful console with major 3rd party support and xenoblade 3 was suddenly made xb1 exclusive , which almost dying out of the market ?
wii u is a failing console and the reason it doesnt get 3rd party games isnt because sony/ms were insecure and paid for that to happen.its because of nintendo's own doings.
i understand nintendo paid for the game , but they could just as easily had them make a new h&s ip but they didnt.
they chose to make a sequel to the game that was never on their system only to force ps360 owners to buy a product that is doing miserably on all fronts but 1st party games.its a cheap desperate move .period.
theyre getting no one(who hasnt got it for first party games already) to buy a wii u just because it has ONE game ps360 owners would want, at best , itll piss of a few fans and thats it.any sane person working at nintendo would know it too.

i know ill be getting a million butthurt disagrees without a single reasonable reply , but thats all you nintendo fans are capable of

wonderfulmonkeyman1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

@ Vish

Quit crying over it, child.
You care more about the system than the game itself; take off the console war fatigues, open your wallet, and PROVE you actually give a shit about Bayonetta 2 by buying it on the only console it COULD come to, instead of lying about the definition of a generation by citing what games aren't coming to the system and spending your time blaming fans and Nintendo for getting a game you want on THEIR system instead of yours.
Most of the Bayonetta fans out there know why it is on Nintendo's system and are GRATEFUL that Bayonetta 2 was saved from being cancelled entirely.
You're a part of a whiny vocal minority that thinks it's the "true fanbase" of the game when you're proving otherwise simply by protesting its existence.
Yes, that's exactly what you're doing; protesting its very existence.
You'd rather have it not exist at all than become an exclusive, and have ignored the facts: Kamiya has already explained that IT WOULD NOT EXIST IF NOT FOR NINTENDO'S FUNDING BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE FROM ANY OTHER COMPANY WANTED TO FUND IT.
You're wishing death on Bayonetta 2 every time you say it shouldn't be on Nintendo's system.
That's just plain sad.

You don't care much about Bayonetta if your hatred of the console it's on takes precedence.

We went multiplat during the PS2 and PS3 gens for the sake of good games, and we didn't regret owning another console aside from our mains.

If you're not a console fan-tard, you'll shut the F up and do the same instead of hating left and right whenever this subject comes up.

ChickeyCantor1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I love bayo and am glad Nintendo decided to fund it. But it's a shame it's less accessible to everyone.

With that said. SO HYPE kfsdlafjsdklfjsdkl.

frezhblunts1234d ago

You really don't give real reasons to why the Wii U is not next-gen just because you don't like nintendo's doings. They have many games they are bringing to their console to expand their library and there is nothing wrong with that. They aren't making a bayonetta bundle or anything like that. They must have liked the game themselves. Next gen would mean this generation that we are in, does not have anything to do with power or having certain titles. Your jelly

Kumomeme1233d ago

nintendo being in game bussines longer than microsoft and sony..dont look down on them just because somebody think they make kids game

beside,it was nintendo who saved bayonetta..other publisher sadly turned it down

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TheWackyMan1235d ago

but Wii U is a next gen console.

ScottyHoss1235d ago

Yes, please tell us how the Wii and Wii U are both part of the last gen. Performance has absolutely nothing to do with generation. It's the successor to the Wii, Nintendo's LAST GEN console, so therefore it is next gen.

Plagasx1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Technically, it isn't a next gen system because it's basically on par (technology wise) with last gen systems (X360 and PS3)

and in some cases it's actually worse.. :/

Kennytaur1235d ago

Well, technically it's current-gen, like PS4 and XO.

Highlife1235d ago

It came out to soon so it's was is own gen for a year and now it's last gen.

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PygmelionHunter1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Not debatable, it IS a next gen console, whether it ruins your bedtime or not. It's so sad knowing this isn't the only time I've read one of your dumb comments...

TOPIC: What's all this fuss about a game getting a 10 from a major reviewer? I've seen rubbish games receiving perfect scores and stellar games under appreciated time and again from every corner of the internet...

Besides, Bayonetta was a critically acclaimed game, so the formula was only meant to be improved, no surprise it's gonna turn out to be a pretty good game.

@Phantom Disagrees
lol, @ the amount of sodium dropped by those reading this article.

EliteGameKnight1235d ago

Wii U, just like Xbox One and PS4, is current gen. It exists in the eighth generation of consoles thus making it a current gen console.

I don't know where this whole thing where next gen refers to graphics came from, but it's wrong. If you think the Wii U is weaker, than just say that. Just know that it obviously has nothing to do with how fun games can be. After all, you seem to like Bayonetta 2, despite it being on "inferior technology"

NiteX1235d ago

It is on a next gen console.

LightDiego1235d ago

Way to go ruining the comments section, and it's not the first time, you always beg for a pc port everytime.
Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive, your whining is irrelevant.

lefty1235d ago

Please explain why you think it isn't on a next gen console?
also if you do not consider wii u next gen, please tell me why?

wonderfulmonkeyman1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

More people WOULD play it, if more people were less a fanboy for their consoles and more a fan of good games.
Good games justify getting new consoles, and the Wii U is the cheapest of the bunch.
It's straight out Nintendo hatred and a refusal to give anything else in the library a try that prevents more from owning and playing Bayonetta 2.
Nothing more and nothing less.

Console Wars suck.

Side note; generations aren't defined by graphics or power.
They're defined by sequence.
Wii U is an 8th gen console, right alongside XBone and PS4.
Stop spreading misinformation and lies just to suit your agenda.

Big_Game_Hunters1235d ago

I sleep happy knowing guys like you genuinely believe Wiiu isn't an 8th gen console and that you lose sleep essentially trying to change a dictionary definition.
EDGE gave this game a 10/10 because this WIIU exclusive is a 10/10

N4g_null1235d ago

This means a lot coming from edge. They are like the last true gamers in media. They love game design and love game art no matter what system it is on.

The real reason why it got a perfect is it is AAA and has replay value based on skill rather than grinding like a retard doing mundane task.

I mean real what do you do in watch dogs, ass cred, destiny, where is the game? We have people playing super boring games and then attacking nintendo because they are not supporting boring games with the crutch of power. So far 80% of the hyped games suck even with all of that imaginary power.

Nintendo is collecting so powerhouse development teams. I'm still waiting for the other next gen systems to even make a good game. They seem like beautiful woman that are old news getting in the way of the telli. Every one knows substance trumps beauty. Which was video games main draw until Hollywoodism set in partly because of sony. No one holds sony to task for not making great game play value in their games. Spare me the superior hardware bull... they are getting killed where hardware performance counts pcs and smart devices.

The recent list of over hyped 5 million sellers just goes to show how gullible the ps4 community really is and it's all based on blind hate. Serves them right. When they wake up I hope they get more gems like the wiiu is getting mostly from exclusives. So just like the wii got a bunch of casual gamers the ps4 is getting a bunch of desperate gamers that are acting casual. Maybe it is a good thing cod did not sell on the wiiu.

Anyway happy gaming you know bayo2 is going to be fun! Take a break from the war and start enjoying this gen. By the time you look up the ps4 will get a price drop and everything hyped will be bargain binned.

zero_gamer1235d ago

"Wish it was on Next-Gen consoles"
Indeed, it would look awesome on Nintendo's next console.

Azzanation1235d ago

Quote *Wish it was on Next-Gen consoles & PC as well.* Another fanboy who doesn't know what next gen means. Next gen doesn't mean power. WiiU is the next generation of Nintendo Consoles. If you want to play it buy a WiiU. Same goes with every console.

frezhblunts1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

LMAO these haters butts are sore. Look Nintendo is next-gen no matter what anyone says it is staying. Maybe if Wii U wasn't selling then they would have changed up but it is still ahead of mircosoft and the 3ds is doing great as well. Its like me asking put the last of us on wii u please, it will never happen just like I can't play mario kart 8 on ps4 and I like it that way. Bayonetta deserved this score, everything that was wrote out seems to be true. I mean why can't people be honest instead of being jealous! Wii U is next-gen, Wii U is fun and unique. Gamepad is great, they have great exclusives and very challenging games. I use my ps4 to collect all the shooter games I can't get on Wii U

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ricochetmg1235d ago

It was wasted on the wii u...

Theyellowflash301235d ago

Your comment is a waste of time.

Doge1235d ago

It would've been wasted if Nintendo didn't pick it up when others didn't.

Realplaya1235d ago

Actually it's the total opposite.

ricochetmg1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

You Nintendo loyalist are living IN ridiculousness.

diepdiep1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Go troll elsewhere.

Theyellowflash301235d ago

And you Nintendo haters need to go play all the awesome third party games you have instead of trolling on N4G.

frezhblunts1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Shut up ricohet, I have a ps4 too. You just need to stop being cheap the wii u isn't expensive for a gamer. Obviously your jealous and wish you can play it but be realistic it is great that Wii U has it. ANother reason to get the WIi U

Ck1x1235d ago

So salty, damn...
All this from a niche game!

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Chrono1235d ago

How much did they get?

tinkypop1235d ago

Ummmm 10/10! perfect score.

Ck1x1235d ago

He's alleging that Nintendo payed for a great review! That's both Sony and Microsoft that do stuff like that

lefty1235d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but i never saw edge explain why they gave games 10 when its on the other consoles. 10 or not I'm buying this game

Metallox1235d ago

"Wii U's first true classic."

Damn, those are high words. I want to be October 26 for yesterday.

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