Daily Dot - Smash Bros. for 3DS is fast and fun—but won't satisfy hardcore fans

Daily Dot: A Smash Bros. game comes once every console generation. They're the games many of us grew up with and, for some of us, even became integral parts of our lives. We played them with our families, trekked to tournaments, became a part of the game's community. The best players launched full-blown esports careers.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago

I beg to differ; I'm one of the most hardcore fans of the franchise that there is, and I'm almost 100% satisfied with this game.
It's faster and less floaty than Brawl but not nearly as obsessive about advanced techs and finger-breaking agility tests as Melee.
It's a near-perfect middle ground, and the only way it could be better is if Sakurai had held off on it and released it at the same time as the New3DS so he could include even more characters and features.