Last chance to take advantage of DriveClub preorder bonuses

With DriveClub finally coming out next week, gamers still have a last shot at procuring some of the retail preorder bonuses for the PlayStation 4 racer.

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ovnipc1296d ago

No thank you. I will play the free version if i like it i buy it.

ABizzel11296d ago

That's the best route to take, and surprisingly there haven't been many demos for retail games so far this generation.

I think if you buy digital you should get all of the preorder bonuses to begin with and that goes for every game.

You have the digital version, which means you can't trade it in, so get us something in return.

If going digital means getting all the pre-order bonuses, and maybe the first DLC pack, then I can see more people willing to take that step.

vikingland11296d ago

No pressure. They make it sound like you'll get screwed over if you don't preorder. I will wait also.

ps4fanboy1296d ago

On it like a car bonnet.

Insomnia_841296d ago

No pre-order bonus by Best Buy?

SniperControl1296d ago

Better of getting it from PSN itself, they are offering a great discount at the moment if you are an PS+ member.
Here in the UK, Amazon are doing the game for £50(hardcopy), PSN is £34.99(digital), £15 saving.
It's very rare for the PSN to be this cheap, usually it's the other way round.

Mr Pumblechook1296d ago

That's a nice price. Do you get the preorder bonuses with the UK digital version?

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