Why triple-A gaming needs to be more like tourism

"I remember the first time I played Skyrim. It was pre-launch, at a public convention, and slots were strictly limited to twenty minutes per player. I can't recall all the specifics, but I do remember that the demo dropped you just outside of Riverwood with the goal of talking with one of the town's inhabitants to further the current quest chain."

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DarkOcelet1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Thats was really good read . And spot on Assasin Creed and shamefully on most Ubisoft games , they can never leave something or someplace without being overused with repetitive content which is something i really disliked on most of their big AAA games . Maybe they will change that when people start to realise they have been doing the same thing for the hundred time . (looking at you Far Cry and Assasin Creed ) . Which is a reason their games are good but not masterpieces like Red Dead , Arkham Asylum and City and GTAV . They really need to learn to make varied things in their games and less repetitive tasks .

Geekman1409d ago

Red Dead is not a series. it's one game.

The Arkham and GTA series ARE always the same. They have as much changes as Assassins Creed gets each game. What makes them superior is they have better content.

There are changes and improvements with each Assassins Creed and far cry entry, no to mention interesting setting history maniacs such as myself find intriguing.

FATHASUN1409d ago

Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead whatever comes next seems like a series to me.

N4g_null1409d ago

Please define content or it will end up becoming another empty marketing ploy.

Most games required skill, why do I feel like I'm playing a professional students game rather than a studio that understands replay value.

Gaming needs to get back to the game part. We know you can make details. Let's move on. I don't want to hear no stories ethier if the actual game sucks.