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Neoseeker: "Even as the biggest game of the year, Destiny isn’t without its problems. But problems can be fixed, and that’s probably the best argument I can give in favor of the game while defending it against naysayers. For any other game, this might be a pretty weak defense, but Destiny isn’t just another shooter. It’s an ever-evolving world meant to last well beyond just a few years, one that will be carried forward by more content, events and fixes. For lack of a better explanation, Destiny is very much like an MMO."

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OmegaShen1413d ago

Good review, I think alot of people lack the understanding it is like MMO.

lashes2ashes1413d ago

Every mmo that has been released on day one had more content than destiny. Destiny is lacking story and content, two things every mmo had on day one. Most people complain with a mmo is there is to much to do right off the bat that is completely the opposite of Destinys problems.

thorstein1413d ago

Why are you here and why do you care? No matter how many times you repeat how much you dislike this game, millions of people are going to enjoy it.

Why does this game make you so angry? Did Bungie steal your cookies?

Fireseed1413d ago


Maybe because he expected this game to be more than it was, after listening to Bungie hyping it up for years and getting a game with 1/4 the content of any of their previous games, we feel disappointed.

Justjoined1231413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

@ lashes2ashes

Its KIND of an MMO but you are only fooling yourself comparing it to traditional MMOs in terms of content. This is an ambitious project and it deserves its own genre if you ask me.

Bottom line i think its done great as the first of its kind, and its gonna be a lot of fun to watch it unfold.

joab7771413d ago

Exactly. And honestly this is one of the 1st games in which I could give a damn about reviews. It's so much fun to play, and a game I will come back to even after playing others.