Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

Dealspwn writes: The release schedules are fattening up nicely now and we have a great selection of titles hitting the stores this week. Like hiding in lockers? Well the horror fan in you might find something Alien-related to enjoy, while the perv in you is also catered for via the latest browser-troubling release from Japan. PS4 racing fans rejoice as a certain much delayed racer is finally on the starting grid and XO owners, get those creative juices flowing for your answer to LBP. Failing that you’ll have to settle for some basketball or running around Hong Kong with a meat cleaver and handcuffs.

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FullmetalRoyale1325d ago

I wanna go fast! Wanna go FAST!

nikrel1325d ago

Listen up Skyloosers! I really can't wait till Christmas for this but I have to as it is a gift for my son(& myself).

LightDiego1325d ago

I want Driveclub, Alien: Isolation, Akiba's and Project Spark, please.