15 Things That Destiny Does Wrong

Destiny was slated to be the next big thing in console gaming. Coming from the makers of Halo, it was expected to create the same charged up environment as we had witnessed back at the break of the new millennium. Turns out, that all the hype was for naught as the game received lukewarm, and often bad reviews almost throughout.

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Not gonna cycle through 15 bloody pages man.

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Lol that's crazy, the guy basically lists the 15 points saving people clicking through 15 different pages and gets marked as spam? That's a new low for n4g.

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That is the last time I take my time to help a bunch of random people, haha

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Why not just divide the article into like 2-3 pages instead of one page per every list item?

Oh yeah, ads...

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The game is under rewarding!!! Takes way too long to earn anything!