DriveClub Early Impression: "Graphics Blow Me Away, Absolutely Stunning Sceneries, Lighting & More"

DriveClub is still few days away from official release but few lucky PlayStation 4 owners have already receive retail copy of the game early, all thanks to retailers breaking street date, and so early impressions of the game are out, and Evolution Studios and Sony will be pretty happy with the bold move they took to delay the launch by over a year's time.

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Xsilver1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Guys on Neogaf that have it are loving it and they didn't even get to play the MP good to know they are allot of fun to be had in the solo events and trying to be number one on the leaderboard. and then we have this guy who is supposed to review the game saying it's great even lost sleep to it.

DarkOcelet1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Well then , its seems PS4 owners are in for a big treat in Halloween :) .

indyman77771416d ago

I want to see glowing pumpkins with smiley faces! On another note this article made a big mistake. It said Sony delayed the game for over a year! WHAT? The PS4 as of today has not been out a year yet. A year will not happen until later in November and this is very early October.

DigitalRaptor1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Yeah he talks about it at 10:50. It seems DriveClub is going to surprise a lot of people, in particular those that have been hating over it for the past year.

Sorry, but the amount of content a game provides is still not enough to dispel what the core of a game offers to certain people. Titanfall proved that.


PERHAPS you want to re-read my comment? It's obvious that you saw the word "Titanfall" when being compared to a PS4 exclusive, got a woody, and then decided to reply to me without even having read or understood the point I made.

Most "exclusives" on Xbone are not even exclusive, but nice try.

@ DarkOcelot

I don't think it's short on content either. But i know that is the point trying to be pitted against what will be a fantastic game that will keep driving enthusiasts hooked for months with a steady stream of addition content and features.

Dudebro901416d ago

Just had to throw a titanfall comment in an article about driveclub eh?

You people are still bitter over that exclusivity eh?

DarkOcelet1416d ago

I dont know why do you think it has a short content , i think 55 tracks are alot and 50 cars and more will be added with paid and free dlc and it looks damn stunning which i think alot of people are gonna stop racing just to look at the scenery and say damn that looks beautiful , money well spent in such artistic beauty . Or maybe thats just me :) .

CernaML1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Wtf are you on about? @Dudebro

Reread his comment so his point doesnt fly right over your head again.

Forn1416d ago

Exclusive? I'm not sure you know what that means Dudebro. Enjoy all those cross-platform and even cross-gen 'exclusives' that pretty much anyone can play because they have a PC or X360 from last-gen smh.

Why o why1416d ago

Woooooosh over dudebros head.....

Enters room to hate.... makes a fool of himself. Top fail score

gootimes1416d ago

I want to buy this game with a wheel and pedals.

Does anyone know of a good setup like that for this game?

MasterCornholio1416d ago


Dudebro being a dudebro like always. He didn't say anything negative about Titanfall all he said was that Titanfall proved that a game with little content can still be fun to play.

How is that a bad thing?

sAVAge_bEaST1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Dudebro90 - is a - AstroTurfer.

(just a heads up_)

along with system22, KNWS, edonus,, etc. etc.......

(for those not in the know)
AstroTurfing.. Explained.

reko1416d ago


dudebro being a douchebro lol read the comment again.

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Magicite1416d ago

I dont have the kind of internet connection to connect my consoles. Will I be able to play Driveclub in offline mode?

Forn1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Yes, there is a complete single-player offline mode. Only thing I'd you couldn't compete against friends and rivals scores.

cell9891416d ago

I forgot what article I read somewhere here in the plethora of troll articles at N4G, but it was a "journalist" claiming Forza Horizon 2 had the best graphics he'd ever seen and the best for the rest of the year -_______________-

Yes I know one is open world the other one isnt, but he was stating graphics, if youre gonna shout claims about graphics you got to be technical by the dot

Muzikguy1416d ago

I said this on another post but... I'm going to lose so many races!

Azzanation1416d ago

Are they loving the graphics or are they loving the game? Racing to be number one on the leader boards is standard in every racing game. The graphics aren't the problem with this game its everything else. The reviews will be interesting.

Pintheshadows1416d ago

You should give it a go as there is a lot more to it than graphics. It is very very addictive and the gameplay is as polished as the visuals.

It reminds me of Project Gotham.

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mushroomwig1416d ago

'"Loving the music too. Really well selected tracks that helps set the mood."'

'Loading time is really fast for the single player game. I barely notice it, I would even say its anything from 5 to 10 seconds.'

It's nice to see comments about Driveclub that aren't about graphics, makes a refreshing chance.

TRD4L1fe1416d ago

"It's nice to see comments about Driveclub that aren't about graphics, makes a refreshing chance."

it really does. Im so sick of all the 1080p/720p talk. i wanna know how the game plays and if they are fun.

LightDiego1416d ago

A lot of people are already streaming on PS4, the game looks beautiful, i'm not a huge fan of racing game but i will buy DriveClub.
Now it's DriveClub, and i still need to play Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, Alien: Isolation, Bayonetta 2, i want more time dammit. :(

LOL_WUT1416d ago

Yep saw some on the PS4 stream app same thing with Alien Isolation ;)

StrawberryDiesel4201415d ago

And more money, this is just the beginning of the onslaught of amazing games month after month all the way through February when Bloodborne and The Order: 1886 both release in the same month!

kalimero21416d ago

That happens when you have most powerful console on market. good job SONY!

smoothop1416d ago

If it was that powerful it would run at 60fps, its not even open world so it should be 60fps. People need to stop hyping the graphics up and start talking about the gameplay, its the most important thing.

DigitalRaptor1416d ago

When talking about an old build of the game:
"It looks good. Trust us, it plays better."

Thank you, and good night.

GiggMan1416d ago

@smooth, so the PS4 isn't the most powerful "console" on the market?

SoapShoes1416d ago

Everything in Driveclub is rendered in 3D. No 2D skybox, no 2D vegetation, no 2D crowds, no baked in lighting(I think you know the series I'm talking about) so it is actually more impressive than the one racing game that is 1080p/60fps on current consoles so far.

marcofdeath1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


Did you see how he put that"No 2D skybox, no 2D vegetation, no 2D crowds" PS4 fans still can't get over Why this game is only doing 50% of the CPU/GPU in game features and still only 30FPS?
remember Ryse versus Infamous second son, do you recall there excuse of why infamous was better, I do! Here, I'll refresh your memory,
1. Ryse was not better because the game was
linear play and therefore graphics can be heavily used and that's why infamous looks better.
well we know that's not true!
2. Crytech is good with graphics.
So you admit ISS sucks?
3.The old fateful "it's 900p."
Ryse win (not infamous second son) the prestigious award for graphics, So this was complete crap.
Now what game fits this best?
1.excuse = DC
2.excuse = DC
3. Does not apply.

60FPs......x......- GPU
Rewind.....x......- memory
simulation.X......partly CPU
3D sky.....X......X physically-based rendered
3D crowd...X.flag wavers 3D/2D......X (Nograndstands)
lighting...X......x physically-based
As you can see at best it's a tie.
There is not one feature in DC that FMS5/FH2 isn't doing with the same engine.

The fact that Forza 5 is running at 60fps and looks as good as DC explains that everything DC is doing Forza 5 is doing 2X of it.
That's why they don't compare it to FH2 because it's a blowout.
50% more power was all ways just PS4 PR. JUST like the GDDR5 (176 effective), Just like the CPU is faster, it all a big lie.....
just wait FM5 is not full DX 12, FMS 6 will be.

Potnoodle9991416d ago

ahaha fail
....I think were all thinking it, so I'll just say it...Your an embarrassment :)

MysticStrummer1416d ago

"The fact that Forza 5 is running at 60fps and looks as good as DC…"

I see no punchline to this joke.

: /

MRMagoo1231415d ago


I think the punch line is probably marcofdeath.

ziggurcat1415d ago


you're embarrassing yourself again by holding on to the false hope that there's super secret sauce hidden in the xbone...

"Did you see how he put that"No 2D skybox, no 2D vegetation, no 2D crowds""

that's because the crowds in forza 5 are 2D:

and it even looks like the trees are 2D as well:

so you can go on about 1080p @60fps, but it was at the cost of reducing a lot of the environment to next to nothing. trust me, no one is losing their minds over forza's resolution, or frame rate.

"The fact that Forza 5 is running at 60fps and looks as good as DC explains that everything DC is doing Forza 5 is doing 2X of it. "

quite the opposite. the fact that DC is only 30fps (and still 1080p) means that DC is doing a lot more, especially in the environments, than forza. and DC blows forza out of the water as far as visuals go.

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