Yes, You Can Extend Paul Phoenix's Hair in Tekken 7 on PS4

Tekken 7 is still some way away from being released on the PlayStation 4, but Bandai Namco is currently location testing the arcade version around Japan. This pre-release strategy is often employed in the East, as a means for publishers to market their upcoming titles – and also get important feedback on balancing issues and more general bugs.

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Snookies121415d ago

This is the feature all Tekken fans have been waiting for.

killer4fun531415d ago

now he an fight with hair too

knifefight1415d ago

Someone photoshop him into the FFXV car now!

Paprika1415d ago

Lol. I can just picture the ffxv guys being all emotional all the time, then Paul pops up shouting at them and beating on them, each time with bigger hair. Damn bitches!!! Paul level 99 break hp limit ftw

1415d ago
Master-H1415d ago

Looks like Gon from HxH when he went super mad.

BG115791415d ago

That was the exact image I had seeing Paul's image. ^^

Gravity_DoGG1415d ago

Super sayian 2 Bi*****!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.