Lords Of The Fallen Preview - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes - "These creatures attacked with the ferocity of a rabbit pit bull upon hearing even the slightest sound of jingling armour. I was soon dead, I had not even take twenty steps into the game and I was lying on the ground beaten to within an inch of my life. In fact I died a lot, I died so many times playing this demo that if I was playing Lords Of The Fallen in an old style arcade, I would have needed a bag full of coins to get through, even then I would probably have to borrow from a friend to make it to the end."

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Joher1410d ago

I hear Lords of the Fallen will be game like a little Tekken mixed with RPG game:) For me sounds great because combat will be more dynamic. I think LotF will be very interesting game, we can mixed gear, choice a lot of weapon, skills and magic spells.