5 pairs of eye-popping game boobs

Gaming is mature business but developers keep luring us in with eye-popping and absurdly proportioned digital boobs. Here are five examples.

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hoppermania1144d ago

I am more of an ass... nah, no way. Boobs!

inveni01144d ago

There's nothing tasty you can suck out of an ass.

inveni01143d ago

I've seen Two Girls and a Cup.

I stand by my statement.

Drithe1144d ago


egidem1143d ago

At last, N4G user's true colors showing.

Who am I kidding, boobs get me every time.

GenericNameHere1143d ago

Hear hear! Boobies > Bodacious Buttocks. I personally have become more fond of slightly smaller boobs in the last couple of years, but I still love them big!

Swiggins1143d ago

Am I the lone leg man on N4G?

Tis a lonely existance.

hiredhelp1143d ago

Nope your not Alone im more a Butt and leg man

digitalwolf1143d ago

You are not alone!

Seems to be a minority though, perhaps we should connect with the hips crowd?

killacal131143d ago

Let's all agree that ass and boobs are just so awesome.

MRMagoo1231143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

here ya go guys watch the whole thing its a comedy song get to the chorus before you judge. he is australian.

It is the right song for this thread

OCEANGROWNKUSH1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I love tittys as much as the next man, but a girl with a flat or flabby ass is not attractive to me! It doesn't need to be huge or anything, but damn, it has to exist at least! lol

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Elit3Nick1144d ago

Mention boobs, swell with traffic

Ghost_Nappa1144d ago

Traffic isn't the only thing swelling right now

Neixus1144d ago

Seriously, who approved this? Have you never seen a girl before?

Felis_Rufus1144d ago

One of them uploaded his sexy asian sister in law :)

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SilentNegotiator1144d ago

Because being with real women means that you'll never want a little fantasy ever again.

NegativeCreep4271144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

In most cases, Fantasy actually becomes a necessity for a long-lasting marriage. Other women (and aspects of their anatomy) will always catch a red-blooded heterosexual man's eye. Anyone who balks at that have never been married or married long enough to get tired of looking at the same woman every night. (Or is just a stupid troll that doesn't know any better.)

It isn't P.C. to say it, but goddamn it it's the truth.

Spotie1144d ago

If you don't like boobs, leave them to those of us that do.

I don't let real or fake hinder my appreciation for the female body. Seems like a silly thing for anyone to do.

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Waffles111143d ago

I have to disagree. There is nothing better and more awesome than fapping to a virtual set while eating hot pockets and having the controller jammed up the rear. Actually... I take that back. The real deal is so much better....and tastier than hot pockets.....

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