The gaming market is already more lucrative than Hollywood

Martin Baxter, executive vice president at Green Man Gaming, talks about the importance of using digital and how the PC gaming sector is now more lucrative than ever.

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rodiabloalmeida1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

The gaming market is more lucrative than hollywood since a few years ago. This isn't news, at least for me. He must be talking about digital market only. (I'm too sleepy to read the article right now)

neogeo1416d ago

agreed very old news. Part of that is hollywood is such a fail these days. Movies are crap.

Hellsvacancy1416d ago

There are some good movies still being made, they're just not your typical overly advertised movies that are forced upon you, i'd recommend this

2cents1415d ago

No sh1t Sherlock. Erm... This isn't new news.

GiantFriendlyCrab1415d ago

hollywood went downhill around mid 90s. Since then gaming industry have been taking over

Spotie1415d ago

Mainstream Hollywood, anyway. In terms I quality, at least. What they output is still fun to watch, but the depth is lacking, most of the time.

That said, there are some good ones out there. Then again, I just go enjoy whatever they put on screen, so I can't really talk.

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