Watch Sherlock Holmes get high in Crimes & Punishments

Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments has the world's greatest detective partake in some dubious pursuits while on the job.

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Jyndal1412d ago

I'm kinda surprised they put this into the game. Funny, though.

Dontworrybhappy1412d ago

Wow. People still suprised by drug use. Our world is not ready for the real universe yet

FullmetalRoyale1412d ago

Ah, but is the universe ready for our world?

1412d ago
poppinslops1412d ago

In the books, Sherlock's a borderline addict...
Opium and Cocaine were legal then.

Back when Britain was truly great...

zerog1411d ago

Whats sad is most people these days don't read so they have no idea what the original characters that a lot of games, movies and tv shows are based on. Most of the original books can be downloaded for free too.

poppinslops1411d ago

I teach literacy at the local library and it's crazy how many people (especially adults) are incapable of reading...

What's more worrying is the lack of any real desire to learn... I have some great students, but I've lost a couple who just didn't WANT to read.

One was a gamer, so I'd give him my magazines, but he'd just look at the pictures, even though he reads quite well...

Kids these days!

It's still a great job...
Rewarding... Not financially rewarding, but still...